• Yes, unless you only want to have sex with him while he is drunk. And trust me, it's not worth it.
  • 'Ya know . . . I think you should ask him that question! He's the only one who truly knows. And ask him when he's not drinking and let him know that you enjoyed it!
  • Okay, he may be a little shy. Make sure that he understands you are willing and interested. Touch his knee or arm when you are both sober. Your chances are much better than zero. I put you in the 95% class. And I have a lot of experience, believe me.
  • You like him? Go after him--but be sober, both of you. Getting drunk is so ---childish... Just let him know you're available. If he's not interested, that's okay. Find someone else.
  • I never met a man who didn't flirt when drunk, so I wouldn't necessarily use that as a gauge. But if you're interested in this guy, I say pursue him.
  • He is unavailable, he has been with his gf a month, My chances are zero but thats kool. I dont want sex with him. I only date single guys.
  • i would say they are zero when hes sober but thats okay there are other fish in the sea my dear. ;)
  • Go grab a six-pack and we'll talk about it.
  • You say that he's been with his girlfriend for a month in one of your answers. I say don't pursue it even if there's a chance because of that.
  • He is flirting but you say he has a girlfriend. So I assume it is harmless flirting. I wouldnt be too impressed with my bloke touching another girls knee though, so if she finds out he does this when drunk he may become single very soon and you may get your chance.

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