• That's normal, at least for me.
  • I think everyone feels that way at one point or another. I know I have. But be so very careful. If the feelings of pointlessness and emptiness are becoming too powerful, or overwhelming at all, please reach out to somebody and get help.
  • I get that feeling at least every week, and I'm still alive.
  • I feel empty sometimes too. In those instances, I've always asked myself: "Why am I here? What's the point of living if all of us are gonna die anyways? What do I really want?" If it's bad or not, I really don't know. What I'm sure about is that as long as those thoughts don't disrupt your daily routine, it's okay to have those feelings and thoughts.
  • I know exactly how you feel. Life can get really bull sometimes. Trouble with friends, cops, family, drugs, school, ect. You just gotta work your way through it.
  • yes I think its normal. I have spells like that and have done for most of my life. Im a bank manager by the way so it can happen to anyone. There is nomiracle cure, sometimes you cant pick yourself up like some stupid people will tell you to, you just have to ride with it, try to ocupy your mind with good memories and nice thoughts,go for a walk, take a shower just get youreslf past the worst bit . The wrong thing to do is drink or blame everybody else. when you are feeling better look at how you felt and acted and see if you can work out why yourself. Better than any tablets believe me. and each time you will get stronger. Good luck my friend.
  • Most everyone feels this way at one time or another; but you just have to keep after it, you'll find something that will fulfill you. It just takes time. Just don't get stuck there; it's unhealthy for you. Talk with someone, this often helps. If it gets too bad; seek help, it doesn't mean that you are mental or anything. It could be a simple imbalance even in diet or lack of sunlight in the winter gives me troubles.
  • I agree that it is normal to feel empty inside at times. We all go through it. It might even be normal to feel like there is no point to living anymore on rare occasions. If however those feelings start to become mor and more frequent as to feeling there is no point in being here then it's time to get serious professional help from a licensed mental health specialist. No matter how bad your life is nothing and I do mean nothing is worth killing yourself over. Suicide is a cop out. It's the cowards way of avoiding having to deal with their problems head on.
  • Everyone goes through a wide variety of feelings including the ones you've described. I found out that depression ran in my family and that it was a chemistry thing. I got help and got meds. When I tried to stop taking the meds, I got the same negative thoughts popping into my head and I knew, intellectually, that I had no reason to be thinking like that nor dwelling on some of the sad things that had happened in my life. Please get help. You know the places to go. It's not something you can control by yourself. If you could, you wouldn't be still feeling that way.
  • It is normal.You may sometimes feel like boring.Can you always take the same food throughout your life.Its same as that.
  • Yes. And we usually feel this way often for no reason at all. You best medicine to get out and do something for someone---it always makes the day better and your emptiness will be filled w/ a smile. Dont ever get accustumed to thinking you have to feel bad. You don't.
  • Bad? No, not bad. Just normal. We all feel that way sometimes. Everyday is an empty page, a chance to write anything we want. My first line on my paper is today will be better, I will do things to improve myself so that I do have a reason to be happy and live a worth while life.
  • everyone feels like this from time to time, and it sucks. but hang in there and things will become clearer. do something creative. that always helps me. or if you feel like it, cry, crying makes you feel better. there is a point in us being here. good luck :)
  • God created us for the purpose of having a relationship with him. He is perfect and we can never be perfect, so we feel empty when we are separated from Him by our imperfection. He loves us and wants so much to have a relationship with us that He became a man, Jesus, and lived a sinless life in the world, sacrificed himself to die to pay for our sins, and rose from the dead so that we can escape the death penalty for sin. What I'm saying is, we feel empty because we are created with a "God shaped hole", but God has made a way for us to be filled. You need to pray, "God I know that I am imperfect and can never be perfect on my own. I want to turn away from my sin and follow your way. Please come into my heart and fill me with your spirit." This may be hard to understand, but you don't have to understand it to experience it. Once you have prayed the prayer, please find a evangelical church that can show you how to follow Jesus and help you grow in the faith.
  • i've felt that way before. i ended up trying to hang myself with cat-5 wire. learned a lesson though. worry about yourself and ignore others. remember hat there are people that care about you and would miss you if you were gone. i never got help. i just got over it on my own. at the point in your life when you realize that someone else's opinion of you doesn't matter you feel a sense of freedom that is surreal. i wish the best for you and hope you live a happy fulfilling life. :)
  • Yes, it's normal to feel that way sometimes... HOWEVER, if you feel that way ALWAYS, or for a long time, or you want to stop the feeling with drugs, alcohol, or suicide, you NEED to get help.
  • i think we all have this feelings at one time or another. The key is to not allow those feelings to take complete control of your life so that they get you to give up completely

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