• Take ibuprofen, which minimized inflammation. They have some local anesthetic creams that you can use after waxing, but I don't know that it wouldn't make the waxing less neat.
  • I'd take lots of Beer..! check this out!
  • I have mine done regularly, and i take ibuprofen an hour before having it done, dont go if you are really tired or if you are due your time of the month or if you have just had it, as this can be more painful for you, i found that the hard way, also if you are feeling under the weather it can cause you pain aswell, some people dont find it all that painful mine is so so lol, if you have a chat with the person who is doing it and explain to them its your first time and how nervous you are they can put you at ease Good luck
  • For waxing...take a Motrin and consider laser treatments. Laser is permanent and doesn't hurt.
  • I have been waxing down there for several years and the more you wax the easier it gets. Don’t get me wrong it still hurts but not nearly as bad as the very first time. I guess it depends if you like it bald there, I do and so does my husband.
  • Just use hair removing cream instead and get a decent epilator

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