• to be a success in life? No. You first have to define what you mean by success. A rich life or a life full of riches...
  • No, neither financially nor in other ways. Bill Gates agrees with me.
  • No, there are many things you can be successful at that have nothing to do with a degree.
  • Not to be a successful ne'er do well. That would actually detract from your goals.
  • Hell no. You just need to be slick and not get caught hiding the ace of spades for when you need it.
  • Not at all because successful doesn't even mean having money to me. Plus I've known many people with no degree who have both money and a happy family.
  • Of course not. If you become an entrepreneur, take the right risks and are extremely lucky, you could become a multi-millionaire. A degree can help certainly, in that it can indicate to employers (or banks, if you start your own business) that you have the requisite abilities. But it's by no means the be-all-and-end-all of success.
  • No, degree's are just signs to show you've completed some sort of formal education... Success is based on your skill and dedication - not what facts you've memorised.
  • The movie " Pursuit to Happyness" tells it all.
  • High School degree, it's helpful and makes paperwork easier as you are starting jobs. College, didn't go and I am doing pretty well. The older and more established you get in a career, the less a degree means. Also, you have to define successful for yourself.
  • No, college degree's help, but are not needed. industries such as web design or most anything computer related don't require it. Neither does manufacturing (and no I'm not talking about factory jobs either, my stepfather never went to college and is clearing 120k a year take home.)
  • If your idea of success is to get a good job working for an established company, with good benefits without too much hassle, than yes. A college degree will help you accomplish your goals. If your idea of success is to be happy even if you can't get a very good job, and even if you aren't as lucky and talented as the Bill Gates's of the world, than you don't need a degree, but it can't hurt, can it. The best way to determine whether you need a degree to be successful, is to make a list of what you expect to accomplish, and then see if a college degree will help you do it.
  • Hard work and the willingness to work is all that matters in the end :-)

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