• Personally I think it is. I always prefer simplicity. I think a pair of earrings, whether gold or silver, would suffice.
  • no I have no problem with mixing silver and gold jewelry.
  • yea i can't mix it...just like brown belt and black shoes...
  • I'm not really a fashion expert. So I wouldn't know. I really don't care about being fashionable. I just like being comfortable.
  • They make jewelry that has both silver and gold in it. So I don't see why you couldn't mix and match separate pieces.
  • Nope. Let all the precious metals live in harmony!
  • My wedding band is gold, and I wear eight simple silver hoop earrings. I think it's more about keeping the styles simple than it is about mixing metals. People don't look at my head and hand at the same time.
  • No, I never think that what a person has chosen to do is tacky. I hate that word, and I think people who judge others using that word are very shallow. I love jewelry, and I am a designer who has mixed and matched many different pieces successfully. My designs have won prizes in the exhibits I have entered. My best was a gold and silver entwined ring, with a pearl setting, and tiny Black Swarovski Crystals intertwined around it. I often wear different rings on each finger, mixing gold, silver, crystal, and gems, with mixed bracelets, necklaces and earrings. No one has ever called it tacky in my hearing, and many people openly admire it. I also wear jewelry in my hair, sometimes in a wreath style, and sometimes braded or twisted in long strings.
  • Never combine different metals. It take the look away from you. Combine with non-metals if you want.............. wood, cocos, line etc. so many possibilities to keep stype and still combine. Your Wind
  • Some fashion expert was on TV a few days ago and says it is fine to wear both gold and silver these days.
  • Ugh. I'm not the one to ask. I only wear platinum. PSYCH! . Truthfully, I don't like the look of those two metals closely together. But if they're far enough apart from each other, then it's okay, I guess.
  • I think you should do one or the other. Mixing it up seems too busy to me. Just my opinion.
  • Absolutely not--however 20 years ago I did.
  • Actually this is one of the fastest growing jewelry trends! I am a lia sophia advisor and have seen this a lot lately! It all can be tied together especially if you wear a piece that has gold and silver on it. Then you are free to mix the 2 as much as you like! Lia sophia has many pieces that feature gold and silver together! For more info:
  • No way. But, if anyone wants to question you... you can always get a two-tone ring or (better yet!) gold AND silver shoes as a tie-together piece. ^_^
  • I actually don't really care. I don't pay that much attention to that kind of stuff.
  • No. In fact it is done a lot any more. So go ahead and mix and match if you want to.
  • you can mix...silver and gold match
  • No I do not think that it is tacky because silver and gold go together
  • Yes, it's like wearing a certain colour but everything is a different shade. You should either wear silver or gold, not both.

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