• No it is not Bruce Payne. We maintain a Bruce Payne fan site, You might say we are "experts" on what Bruce Payne looks like. We have over 7,000 pictures in our collection. We can understand why someone might be confused, because it looks like the advertising agency went for Bruce Payne look, e.g., blonde hair, strong features and blue eyes. It also appears that they were using elements from Bruce Payne roles, e.g., the hood with the long black coat from a Keen Eddie episode and the look of Jurgen from his TV La Femme Nikita episodes. In other words, it looks like the ad agency said, "Get me a Bruce Payne".
  • Are you referring to a specific commercial, or their commercials in general? Perhaps you are thinking of the "Can you hear me now?" guy, actor Paul Marcarelli.
  • Nope....agreed he looks a little like Bruce, but it's actually Canadian actor James McGowan. His filmography and picture are available on

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