• Depends if we're talking Greasy and fried or wraps and salads. If you are inteligent about it probably won't kill you.
  • I think one well balanced fast food meal a day, accompanied with exercise, won't kill you.
  • I'm really not sure, I guess it depends on a lot of different factors. You should watch Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock.
  • There are a number of factors involved in whether eating fast food every day will kill you. 1. How much? Is it just a hamburger or are you getting two double whoppers with cheese and french fries and a super-sized soda? I think you can see where I'm going with this. Bigger is not better. 2. Do you exercise? Exercising makes a world of difference. If you can burn off those calories from the fast food before they start wreaking havok, typically it will save you some stress. 3. Does the fast food chain use trans fatty oils? Trans fats are especially bad for you for reasons I won't go into here.
  • like burger fries type of fast food would eventually cause several health problems......heart disease, obesity, diabetes, you would end up pretty unhealthy and eventually, yes if you lived long enough (like you dont die from a wreck or some unexplained cause) one of those conditions would probably be the death of you.
  • Based on the film Supersize me, yes.
  • That would depend on your choice of fast foods ... there are some very good, very healthy, buffet choices ... they are ready to eat as you walk in, so they could be considered as "fast" ... and as long as you choose a sensible amount, you should be fine ... but if you over eat, or if you "Mc-Munch", then, as mentioned, the movie "Supersize Me" says it all.
  • actually, yes. your blood pressure goes up, and up, and up, until you have a stroke which could put u in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. or, u could have a heart attack, and die. so, why eat fast food? studies say its because of the price is so cheap. i say its just so addicting and good for on the go people. eating it once in a while cant hurt u, but everyday could possibly kill u. eat smart.
  • It won't make you healthy. But as others have stated-it depends on the choices. Many fast food places have salads and wraps. I like eating at home where i can control the fat and salt. Most restuarants (fast and all others) use way too much salt which is not good for your blood pressure. Most of the chefs on TV use way too much salt also.
  • being alive everyday will kill you
  • Nope but why suffer?
  • You might shave a few years off your life, become very fat, and get sick easy because of poor nutricion but it won't kill you in the short run.
  • Of Course
  • Of Course
  • Yes. Most kinds of "fast food" will kill you as they are everything from nutritionally deficient to made/include carcinogens in their makeup.
  • No but the mental junk food of mainstream news will in time make you dumb.

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