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  • I do it several times a week. Recently attached myself to a man who is bringing out my inhabitions, and have increased sexual tensions. So I use my hairbrush to relieve it.
  • I am a guy and I will do it about 5 or 6 times a week regardless of how much sex I am having. For me, it's like a morning cup of coffee. It gets me going for the day.
  • 3 - 4 times
  • Just about every morning to relieve tension. Type in biggest erotic site in czec republic. It is the cleanest site from viruses and worms that I have found. It has a huge selection and has little square pictures that you can look at to decide if you want to click on them to see more. All the pages is listed at the bottom. You could spend hours in there and it is all free. Add the main page to your favorites, you will go there often.
  • Mr Pants is a sock monkey, and does not have a penis. *cries*

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