• Yes. I also consider myself dangerously close to being arrogant.
  • I'm too humble to feel that way besides I haven't completed reading all my "......For Dummies" books yet.
  • Well sure there are some people that I am smarter then..however I am sure there are a lot more people smarter then me.
  • No. Because if I were, then I would not be this poor.
  • Yes, much smarter in almost every way. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but on the whole, I'm smarter than anyone I have met in the state of Missouri. (That's not saying much though.)
  • i can't say i see, everyday i learn things from people.what i don't know is if people are learning from me.
  • no, i think other people are smarter than me
  • Given the fact that crap like Drano now must include a warning NOT TO DRINK IT, or that SJWs are convinced they can assault me and not get left convulsing in a pool of their own blood...I must conclude that the dumbing down of America ( has reached fruition, and I have become Joe Bowers trapped in an Idiocracy (2006).
    • Army Veteran
      LOL on "Drano" - an accurate observation. It's so prolific that car batteries and many other products have to have warning labels now. At some point in time, *someone* did something that prompted the warnings.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      I know I'm smarter than you two guys. lol
    • Army Veteran
      The court jester speaks. LOL
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Especially you!
  • only know alls think that
  • above average
  • I know my IQ is higher than most, but I'm no genius. I have serious gaps in my learning and I think I can learn something from everyone. But I also don't let anyone tell me I'm stupid. Test scores don't lie. Also the dumbing down of America is a myth. Less than 6% of the world population actually ARE retarded. And if you do happen to be smarter than most that only proves YOU'RE THE ONE THAT'S NOT NORMAL!
    • Army Veteran
      The dumbing down of America is no myth. Back in the day, people were required to know the basics like how to spell their name. They also had to pass a test on the Constitution. Today, you see college grads who can't spell the simplest words or figure out the simplest math problems. Walk up to a cashier with a meal ticket that totals 13.90 and hand her a $20 bill. After she opens the register, hand her another dime and watch what happens.
    • Linda Joy
      On the flip side, they've learned an entire vocabulary our ancestors never knew, there is more information in every field of knowledge! "human knowledge is doubling every 13 months. " and will soon double every 12 hours!
    • Army Veteran
      If you consider "abbreviations" to be a "better vocabulary" your nut might be cracked. "Knowledge" and "smart" aren't the same thing - even a college professor can be stupid.
  • I wouldn't say I'm smarter, I am drawn to learning, reading, remembering and I'm pretty good at regurgitating, and I like to get a balanced view on things so I will read both sides of the story. Anyone can learn, it's whether they have the motivation to do so. I hope I have a certain level of common sense, I find myself puzzled by other peoples behaviour quite a bit. I feel wisdom often comes from experience. I agree with Franco, I believe there is an intentional dumbing down of society.
  • I don't like to compare myself with others, but some people just naturally feel the need to show how stupid they are.
  • Rather: more knowledgeable about certain subjects (and comfortable with them) than some others. I became that way through dint of spending more time and effort than my fellows, not through some natural superior mental ability.
  • No. I am very, very average
  • The truth is, yes.

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