• Amsterdam. Nice to go there sit, and ... umm.. watch all the intersting architechture from my seat in the coffee shop!
  • The north coast of Mallorca because it is warm and magnificent!
  • Italy its beautiful and the people are lovely one of the best holidays i have ever had.
  • The Almalfi Coast of Italy south of Naples. Spectacular views and so many sites to see in the area.
  • I am stuck between Paris and Italy. I love them both.
  • I stayed in Greece for 4 months and visited Athens and lived on the beautiful island of Paros on the Aegean Sea.It was great with good food,drink,friendly local people and other tourists.
  • I can't pick a favorite. I loved London and surrounding areas - it was beautiful and the people were so friendly. Rome has such an incredible amount of history and again the people were so nice. Paris was great too, especially the food. But once again, contrary to what I have always heard, the people were very friendly. Sorry, I can't pick just one!!
  • I stayed in the City of Glasgow for a copul of years. So, I know more about this place than other. So at the moment, it should be my favorite. Here is more information on Glasgow City.
  • I love the north of Mallorca!
  • One of the Greek Islands - the summer weather is fantastic, the food is the yummiest and the people are so friendly and nice. What more could I ask for?
  • Italy has been the best for me, doesn't matter where! Rome, Milan, Florence, Verona, Venice..Capri !!!!! The Isle of Capri is definately one place every person should visit in their life before they die! Although Rome has the best looking Italian men, from the street sweepers to the wealthy, they're gorgeous! And if you like the cold, then Moscow/Switzerland is good, especially the ladies - they are beautiful. Then if you like bustling places, definately Paris, although I found Paris very limiting. For me, my heart has always and will always be in London. I'd love to settle there one day.
  • My family always goes to the Swedish island of Öland for the summer vacation. We have a house there, and it is the perfect place to relax and be for yourself. The landscape is wonderful and life is completely peaceful there. I add some impressions here:

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