• G'day Amber Lou, Thank you for your question. You can get a fairly good indication of what it would be like. However, you might want to give the relationship a bit more time before making your decision. Best wishes to you both for the future. Regards
  • I think a lot depends on the age of the two.
  • I was engaged to my husband 7 months after dating, and we married 13 months after dating. We will be married 28 years next anniversary. HOWEVER, we did know each other from university circles. I knew he was a Christian like me,(we attended the same campus Bible Study) and I knew he was studying Languages like me, and was going to be a teacher like me. So we had a lot of very important things in common even before we started dating. We were also 22 years old when we first went out.
  • Some people have got married quicker than that and stayed together for the rest of their lives, while others have waited much longer and split up within a couple of years, so it's not too soon for some, but far too soon for others.
  • That is a tough one. I was wrong when I was 16 and thought that (after 1 yr) about my 1st serious bf, but I stayed w/ him 6 years. And I was wrong when I thought that about my 2nd serious bf (after 6-8 months) I think age and maturity level can really play into this one. Good luck
  • hmmm... age.. well my granparents met in their teens... they had never met.... they knew the very first day, hell grandfather Knew the momment he saw her "running in the game... they got married in their teens, had several children, stayed together like they were one person.. for 88 YEARS... you know when you know
  • 1) Yes. You should wait until you are at least 12... 2) When you know it, you know it. And it would be better if both of you know it. As long as it is not the case, it would probably not work so good. 3) If you want it now, it does not mean you are going to want it forever. That is the reason of many divorces. 4) Six months of what? If you have been sleeping together or living together in that time, you would have had more possibilities to check it. And it could also depend on your maturity.
  • Not to soon to know you WANT TO, but MAYBE too soon to know if you would be compatible in the long run. Opposites attract -- ("You complete me...") if you do not have enough in common you will you may find yourself a statistic (either the 50% divorced or the ??% married but not happy. Also watch out for imbalance of "power" in the relationship because no matter who gets walked on, no one wins. Please do not fool yourself like I have done -- it is so easy to overlook the red flags. It does not take much time to know in your gut if he/she is healthy and fun for you, and a good role model for kids down the road...
  • It is too soon because I had done the same thing and my Ex-Fieance but now were broken up.... Most people should wait a cupple of years before doing anything...
  • I guess it really comes down to your age and maturity. I married my wife 23 years ago after being together for 6 months. This doesn't always work out for everyone! I had my years in the military, and my wife had her years in college... So one would say we had our share of being single... We also knew eachother during our high-school years, just in passing... so we weren't strangers from the start. I would give it a little more time... Don't jump the gun... marriage is a big commitment! Good-luck...
  • I knew it the day I met her. Eleven years later, married for the last nine years, things keep getting better and better. When you know, you know. There's no time limit.
  • This very much depends on your individual maturity. I've seen people try to know each other for years and still make a huge mistake and I've seen mature people who knew almost from first sight that if they had the same goals and values, they would get married as soon as possible and be successful. One of those couples knew after 3 weeks and within 2-3 months, they were married. They've been married for 20 years now. There was something about me that attracted my husband instantly but I was only 14 and he was almost 19. We waited till I was 18 to marry but we wee both sure and had spent that time getting to know one another and learning about each other. We didn't even have sex, just sharing good times and bad together. And we've been married 34 years. So knowing you want to marry a person is very different from being ready to marry that person. But both can lead you to your soulmate with time:-)
  • No way! We knew after less than a month that we wanted to be together forever! We haven't married yet, but hopefully will this next year. Note: If you were to ask my mom this question she would say yes and call you crazy, at least that's what she did with me!
  • Truelove and I knew we would be together forever as soon as our eyes met the first time. We married 4 months later. 15 years ago and still very much in love.
  • 6 minutes...yes, 6hours...yes...6 days...yes but 6 months? no way! If in school you're supposed to learn an ENTIRE subject in one semester, surely you can learn enough about another person in 6 months to believe you belong together.
  • If you havent lived together or have a relationship with your partner's family then yes its too soon.
  • i dont think so

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