• man (not kid) talking here. your partner should know if it's burst-he can probably feel it and after all, he takes it off. it never hurts to check or ask him to-a bit after the act so as not to spoil the mood. as to what to do if. well, in the words of Dirty Harry, "You feeling lucky?" once the little guys are swiming upstream you can't really stop you know enough about your reproductive cycle to know when you're fertile? if it happens at a time of fertility you might consider the "morning after" pill.
  • Condoms don't burst if they're used properly. If your boyfriend can't wait until you're lubricated, he should put water-soluble lube on the outside (k-y you can get it at any pharmacy A general rule of thumb: your boyfriend shouldn't go in until you've given him the go ahead -- and don't do that until you're really slippery down there. Here are more tips on condom use: Another tip: he should put spermicidal lube *inside* the condom -- that way even if it does break -- the sperm first has to get through the spermicide.
  • just tell him not to go so hard and not to go so fast and u can tell if the condom is broke when he slows down and it gets slipery
  • he will know... and assuming he is a decent guy he will pull the hell out at this point and go get a new one.
  • If you have the condom, fill it with water and then squeeze it and look for leaks. If so get a pregnancy test if you missed your period. Some women get there period anyway if they are pregnant because the timing of there cycle and other reasons i don't quite understand, so buy a test if it worries you or go to a gynecologist.
  • Condoms will burst as a result of using an oil based lubricant because oil is corrosive to rubber & latex. Most lubricants are water based for this reason.
  • yes thay can burst if ye dont use them right you can get pregnant :)
  • The guy will know ... if he keeps going, then you might be raising a kid :-) Actually, I had one break and I didn't know until I took it off ... some wine probably affected my sensibilities ... but I got lucky; no news in the later weeks :-)
  • You take Plan B that you can buy OTC at any drug store. You take it ASAP! The quicker you take it the better it works.

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