• I would tell them to eat the apple. Seriously. It led to some trouble but I wouldn't trade our present existence to be mere animals in the jungle. We have done such extraordinary things. The universe should be thanking us.
  • I'd be sayin' "Hey! No belly-buttons. Cool...."
  • Ok, so what REALLY happened?
  • Guys, there were two trees in that garden- a Tree of Life and a Tree of Good and Evil. God told you not to eat from the tree of Good and Evil, but he didn't say anything about the tree of Life. You two should have eaten from that Tree FIRST. You would not have gotten into any trouble, plus you would have ensured that you and all of your descendants would be immortal! Then, after immortality, eat from the Good/Evil tree! Also- you two really need to learn how to lie better. God had no clue you had eaten from the tree! So much for being "all seeing!" If you just acted normal, no "covering up your nudity" crap, you could have gotten off scott free! You could have had immortality, wisdom AND the garden! A total hat trick!
  • Apple pie? Anyone?
  • "Can I see where your belly button should be?" I just think it'd be interesting to see people with no navels.
  • Who designed your leaves?
  • "Adam" is NOT a historical chararter-as the word "Adam" simply means "man", and is not a person's name. Adam is "Atum" or 'Amen" in Egypt--the archetypal man and son of "Ptah the Father". In the Chaldean scriptures, from which the Israelite writings were in large part plagiarized, he is called "Adami"; and in the Babylonian he is "Adamu". "Eve" is also not a literal name or figure who NEVER gave birth to mankind nor had anything to do with the so-called "Downfall" of men. "Eve" is the archetypal female and goddess found around the world. The biblical title of "Eve", or "Mother of all living", was a translation of Kali Ma's title "JAGANMATA". She was also known in India as "Jiva" or "Ieva"; meaning: "The Creatress of all manifested forms". But all within mythologies--not to take it literally. And in fact, earlier mythologies place the created woman on the same par with the man, or "Adam" and not just a mere "rib". My goodness! It truly amazes me all of the knowledge out there and yet so many blindness!
  • I wonder what would happen if I killed them both. Would god make a new chick or what? Or would he just go, "Crap, there goes my science project," and give up?
  • i woul say: "how could you turn your back on your Creator to side with his enemy?" "after everything he did for you how could betray him like this?" "what about us, did you even think how this would affect us?" "you not only threw away the possibility of living forever in perfection in a perfect paradise where no one would ever suffer, you also threw it away for your offspring." "how dare you?" "all because you liked the idea of beng independent of the one person who gave you everything." "what foolish, selfish individuals." "after what you did, it is no wonder you should be punished by banishing you from the garden, and punishing you for grossly sinning."
  • Why did you not set a good example for mankind ..Jehovah gave you a beautiful place to live they should have appreciated it .
  • I would (pointing toward the 'forbidden' tree) say, "Hey, you two, those fruits are darn good eating. Try some. I could make a pie for you if you like."
  • "Hey, if you see a snake, don't listen to him and if you cook snake over an open fire it is delicious." Then I would hand them a bottle of BBQ sauce.
  • Hello, I'm a serpent, eat this fruit.
  • Is this before the tree bullshit or after? If it's before i might say something like, "Look here assholes..if you even LOOK at that fucking tree I'll kick the living shit out of both of you.." If it's after the tree then I might say "Thanks for giving us knowledge to realize that this god stuff isn't real..Now go plant something dammit..I'm hungry."
  • We suffer because of you! +4
  • I'd smack them both in the face.
  • It never ceases to amaze me how someone can actually think the mere actions of one person can get an imaginary being to doom all of humanity for all time by something so mundane as eating fruit..from a talking snake none the less. The logic here is so overwhelmingly stupid it has forced stupid to a whole new level...SUPER to leap off tall buildings at a single bound...
  • Damnit eve, what the hell were you thinking? Out of all the fruit, you let a stupid little snake talk you into eating this 1 fruit, cuz he said you wont die???... AND ADAM, you willingly ate it?'n dude, she couldnt have been that hott you were willing to die for it...and kill the entire rest of your family for it...was she?...was she really that hot...???...ok ok ok, your a man. I get it...ok, I believe you. Geez, even the first man was a horn dog. Psh.... and I think that would be pretty much it. (seriously)
  • Hi ProtoDad, hi ProtoMom!
  • Ask Adam "So was she worth it?" :)
  • 1]Hi Mom and Dad. 2]Describe the feeling you felt about yourself before and after the Fall. 3]Could you see spirits before we feel?
  • When God spoke to you two could you both hear him out loud?
  • eat from the tree of knowledge and you'll become aware of your own mortality. you'll realize that you're destined to, as shakespeare said, become food for worms. the next time you hear a snake TALKING to you, ask god for a thorazine tablet. if the two of you actually hook up, tens of billions of your progeny will be destined to hook up for life. if you eat an apple and share it with each other, great. if you actually chat with god, send my love.

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