• I think it's wrong. Those idiots doing the fighting shouldnt be messing with the animal in the first place and they deserve it when they get a horn shoved up their ass!
    • ReiSan
      It is savage to wish harm to humans. PeTA has brainwashed you.
  • Way wrong.
  • Sooo wrong. Tease an animal, then stab it when it gets too close or defends itself.
  • It's an extremely cruel sport and should be outlawed. I find it ever amazing the lengths to which humans will go to entertain themselves.
  • Wrong and sadistic.
  • Very Very Wrong !!
  • absolutely wrong. Deer hunting is ok (if you know what your doing). we have to eat. but taunting a bull in a ring and repeatedly stabbing it is very much not humane. entertainment my ass. I agree that when the matador "gets the shaft" he deserves it. Not to say I hope the bull kills kim. That wouldn't be good either.
  • Very very wrong. I love this picture of the bull getting his own back!! Stabbing him right in the buttock
    • ReiSan
      It is savage to wish harm to humans and to prefer other animals.
  • I support the right to celebrate tradition, but I think it is wrong to kill the bull at the end. I believe that we have rose over doing acts of aggression to animals.
  • i think it's wrong.....i don't like to see animals taunted and hurt like that; do you find it interesting that things like this are more acceptable depending of what geography you're in? it's kind of like dog fighting and cock fighting......seems like, depending on the culture and geography~ some things are more common; as for me~as i said, i don't like any of it; good question :)
  • Would I do it? No. Should I tell an entire culture that they are wrong? No. In the morally relative world we live in, how can we tell someone that what they do is wrong? Who are we to judge what is wrong and what is right?
    • Lynda Appell
      Would you say that if you lived during WW2 ie Nazi Germany?
    • Army Veteran
      @ Lynda Appell -
    • avatar
      its cruel
  • I think if its your bull and both owners are willing, go ahead. I personally would not do it though.
  • Animal abuse. It is just as bad as dog fighting in my opinion.
  • Both. The fact that bullfighting is a sport doesn't excuse the fact that it's animal abuse, but the fact that it's animal abuse doesn't change the fact that it's a sport, either.
  • It is a sport but it is also animal cruelty. Just because something has been done as part of your culture doesn't mean it can't be examined in the present by a different set of standards and found wanting.
  • How about rodeo's? Chasing a little calf around and roping it, then slamming it upside down to tie its feet together? I've never heard anyone complain about that. Perhaps some people have, but I personally have never heard it. Both seem inhumane treatment of animals to me. I think it's sad that animal abuse is a sport.
  • Cruel, the animals are obviously stressed and the guys who take part deserve to get hurt in my opinion
  • In my opinion it is animal cruelty, the intelligence of a man against the strength of an animal could never be a sport.
  • Kind of depends on who wins, I would think.
  • I think it's one of the worst forms of animal abuse. The poor animal is tormented only to provide amusement!
  • I think its wrong just like any other kind of animal cruelty, i just don't know how can anyone enjoy seeing an animal getting hurt like that, oh but when a human gets hurt everyone thinks its a tragedy but no one cares about the bull getting stabbed and after so much suffering killed.
  • An abomination. But then again, I'm not Latino.
  • I believe it's cruel. Apparently, many people disagree,... It wouldn't remain a sport if there were no spectators.
  • It is totally wrong!!! When death has to be THE final step in a sport, I don't call that a sport, I call that an execution!
  • where bull fighting is accepted, it is sport, but liberal animal rights groups think it is animal abuse.
  • Same as abortion, guns, alcohol, drugs, Paris Hilton: Not my problem. My 2 cents.
  • Yes, it is senseless and cruel.
  • I think it is cruel and barbaric.
  • hell yeah its cruel. the bull doesnt get to decide if he wants to take part or not. hes forced to!!!!
  • Yes it's pretty cruel..Now if the guy got in there by himself and literally fought the bull..I would be okay with swords..just the guy and the big moo cow..head to head..LOL :)
  • I agree! Thanks for your answer :)
  • Yes, don't buy "Crest" or "Tide". "Proctor and Gamble". They support Bull Fighting and Animal Experimention.
  • Yes it is cruel which is why I always root for the bull.
  • Its stupid, cruel and ridicules. Don't people understand that animals feel pain?
  • It is obviously cruel. Only low-lifes support it!
  • I hate it as much as cock fighting and dog fighting. It is an aberration of humanity's dominance over animals. I detest the misuse of power.
  • I believe all bloodsports cruel and unnecessary. We are of a technological age now and there are many alternative forms of entertainment in movies and computergames to satify any bloodlust people have.
  • It is animal cruelty. I know it's part of an age long tradition, but really now these animals are bred to fight. No different than dog fighting.
  • I think it is disgusting.
  • Have you seen a real bullfight? It's sick. Just like cocks or pits. time to stop the cruelty.
  • I dont care if you beleive...:o)
  • You will wil never know the truth. I pity u. it easy.
  • While stationed in Germany I toured Spain and went to Barcelona but I purposely stayed away from the bull fights, I had heard how bloody they were. They would finally kill the bull after it had endured much pain. Proverbs 12:10 The tender mercies of the wicked is cruel but the rightous is kind to his beast.
  • I'm just going to say that I think Bull fighting is cruel and leave it at that and move on.
  • It's revolting!
  • I dont, and yes
  • i think TO A POINT its okay at major events i think it would be okay for it to be done on a regular basis, noo....
  • Dont insult me again please
  • I can't believe bull fighting is still considered a sport by some countries. I think we should have moved beyond barbaric "sport" by now.
  • I think fighting does not solve anything and violence only begets violence but if placed in a situation where I have no choice but to defend myself I will do so.
  • As a tourist, I attended an evening of bull fights once, several years ago in Malaga, Spain. The crowd, the music, the entire colorful fanfare before the fight was fun and interesting. But it's hardly a "fight" by any stretch. The bull is beautiful...magnificent...shiny black and proud as he struts into the ring. The so-called "bull fighter" is nothing but a joke. The bull doesn't have a chance in hell against all those in the ring who will attack, spear, mortify and bring him to his knees, where he will be finished off to the cheers of the crowd. After that evening, I vowed never to even think about attending another such event in my life...and to tell other decent human beings that it is nothing they would want to experience. There are many beutiful things in Spain...bull fighting is not one of them.
  • I just started to cry histeracly wen my parents took me to see one and i was 10. Its so cruel i hate it.:(
  • Are we here and answering this question for the same reason or not? Have you ever seen an actual Mexican or Spanish bullfight? I have. It's brutal and barbaric to say the least. Please express your feelings.
  • i think it's cheap. that bull fighter is just a poser. his little people run around stabbin him, wearin the bull down. once he's exhausted, the "fighter" comes out in his gay little costume thinking he's all bad. ugh, i just think it's ridiculous
  • not really. well kind of..but shit the only thing those bull fighters have is a red flag and a freakin bull charging at him..that shit is crazy:):):)LOL:) You would not catch me participating or watching that:)Or people running with the that is insane..LOL:P I don't know if that's cruel, but I know I would not want to be the one trampled on by a bull or person..only the toughest survive. I guess in some cultures it is a art or passage and not really animal cruelty. but I am not really positive on that:):)
  • I strongly feel that is an activity that brings much pain and cruelty, and eventually dead to animals. They are electrocuted to make them aggressive for the run. It is defenetly cruel. Ears, and their backs are stabbed while people cheer. It's is a sadistic activity and I have no respect whatsoever for anyone who approves of this bloody scene. So, basically animals die in the worst way for people's amusement. It's low.
  • I think it's very cruel, and it's sad that torturing animals in the hot sun is part of a culture.
  • I am against it, but I do not do it. I don't think it is my place to tell someone what they can and can not do with their property. If you own a bull, let it graze in your front yard for all I care. If you want to sell tickets to you slaughtering it, feel free. It is not my place to tell another culture what they are and are not going to do. I am a tolerant person when it comes to the rich, cultural heritage of other societies.
  • I think it's pretty needless, but who am I to judge someone else's culture. Still, I can't help but give the bull a hell yeah when it hurts one of the people.
  • I Think it very cruel and heartless
  • It is extremely cruel. The bulls are sedated before the fight. The matadors should have swords shoved in their arses.
  • i think it is cruel, but is it sick that when the bull wins i have no sympathy for the stupid person in the arean with them
  • Bullfighting is a very ugly sport that should be banned. It is morally wrong to abuse of any animal.
  • It's neither. Bullfighting is a part of the culture, just as owning guns is in America. Both are practices that will die out when the people who hold onto those values will.
  • I am an animal rights person so killing an animal for entertainment is a heinous crime as far as I'm concerned.
  • Proverbs 12:10 advises us to take care of animals.
  • sounds wrong to me
  • I think it's very cruel and moronic. Fight a lion instead, if you think you're hard enough.
  • Of course it is wrong but, as a side note, bull fights do still take place in Spain but there are FAR fewer now than there used to be. I spoke to a lot of people about bull fights in Spain a few years ago and everybody I spoke with thought they should be abolished.
    • Thinker
      Bull fights are also very popular in Mexico. I have been to several in Mexico.
  • It is fine with me. I have never seen it, but I hear it is popular in Spain. PeTA dupes will condemn it, but they are indoctrinated.
  • I think if bull's wanna fight with each other, that's okay with me. Maybe they got a beef with each other.
  • Cruel and barbaric.
    • Thinker
      No way, Bull fights make all attempts to keep it from being cruel and barbaric.
  • Leviticus 24:18 & Proverbs 12:10 teach us God’s point of view regarding treatment of animals. It’s unfortunate that humankind has developed a thirst for torture and killing for sake of “entertainment” or “sport”.
  • It is OK by me. It is popular in Spain. I do not think tyrants have a right to try to ban it.
  • wrong if theyre getting hurt
  • Of course it's wrong.
  • wrong if someone is getting hurt
    • bostjan64
      Did you get a new keyboard?!
  • IMO bullfighting is wrong because invariably it winds up with a dead bull. Of course its wrong if the Matador is killed. Fortunately that rarely happens. Even if the bull winds up only being wounded its still cruelty to animals.
    • Thinker
      They also end up dead in a slaughter house as well. So what is the difference? the animal dies in both cases. Have you ever gone to a slaughter house and see how they kill the animals?
    • Thinker
      They also end up dead in a slaughter house as well. So what is the difference? the animal dies in both cases. Have you ever gone to a slaughter house and see how they kill the animals?
    • Linda Joy
      duplicates happen a lot. just flag it.
  • Of course it's wrong.
  • I think it's wrong. I understand that it's a tradition in some places but it's abusive towards the animal and we are living in the 21st century. It's barbaric.
  • Personally, I am against it. I love animals, and taunting them is neither entertaining nor funny.
  • It's fine with me if Spanish people like it. PETA demonizes it, but PETA kills lots of animals in its care and supports terrorists. Nobody should listen to such nutty criminals.
  • Its totally wrong :-/
  • Proverbs 12:10 states “The righteous one takes care of his domestic animals”. God’s does not approve of the wanton killing of animals. The killing of animals for sport is not acceptable to God.
  • no. What else is there to do while you're in Spain?
  • The bull wouldn't even exist if it didn't serve a purpose. Its not like there are heards of them roaming wild! Someone has to feed it and care for it. They're not exactly pets! And have you ever seen a bull without a purpose? It gets quite depressed! At least this bull is celebrated and cheered for!! Why I don't think a bull could have a more amazing purpose than this!! Its GRANDIOSE! Few animals are ever celebrated and applauded like this bull!! What better moment in life could a bull ask for?
    • Linda Joy
      Y'all bullfight haters are just jealous the bull is getting more attention than you! hahahahaha. Yeah, its all bull!
  • it's obviously wrong
  • Of course it's right. How dare those bulls think they can take humans on!
  • I don't want the bull killed.
  • The Bible speaks of treatment for service animals (oxen, donkeys, etc) but remains rather silent on animals that aren't used for human tasks. The bulls that are killed during a bullfight are sent to a processing company and used for human consumption. So it isn't so much the death of the bull that everyone seems so concerned about, but the manner in which it is put to death. A sword to the heart is a rather quick way to end the bull's life - he probably doesn't suffer any more than lopping the head off of a turkey for Thanksgiving or shooting a cow between the eyes at a Texas processing plant. People are programmed to think emotionally and this is why so many get upset.
  • Wrong, Pointless animal cruelty.
  • For me bull fighting is wrong. I don't believe in cruelty to animals. That's why I am vegan. Its totally unfair to the poor, innocent bull. & that's no bull!!!
  • very cruel and wrong!!!!!!!

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