• Both are right, but for the wrong reasons.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      How so ?
  • Throughout history, mans laws are meant to be broken when the premise behind it does more harm than good. Like the "white only" signs in various places before civil rights laws leveled the playing field.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      So we're on the same page? Illegal immigration should be stopped and not given a free pass in certain cities & states?
    • Roaring
      The opposite. Breaking up families that are integrated into and contributing to society,does more harm than good. The spouse remaining suddenly has twice the financial pressure to sustain their family. Makes no sense.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Well, it's not like they don't have choice, right? If you're going to use the illegal spouse example, doesn't that family have choice to make? When you factor in all the costs of illegal immigration, don't we have an obligation to the American taxpayer first before we spread our money-wings over people who broke the law coming here? Don't we owe it to those who followed the law to immigrate here legally to do right by them first?
  • Try using common sense
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Politicians don't seem to have any nowadays.

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