• Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in area in the contiguous 48 states at 758 square miles.
  • Jacksonville 1) "Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida and the county seat of Duval County.GR6 Since 1968, Jacksonville has been the largest city in land area in the contiguous United States; this resulted from the consolidation of the city and county government, along with a corresponding expansion of the city limits to include almost the entire county. In 2007, Jacksonville ranked as the United States' twelfth most populous city, with 794,555 residents. It is the principal city in the Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan Area area, a region with a population of 1,277,997, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the state, as of the 2006 Census Bureau estimates. Jacksonville is the third most populated city on the East Coast, after New York City and Philadelphia." Source and further information: 2) "Miami is a major city in southeastern Florida, in the United States. It is the county seat of Miami-Dade County. Miami is a gamma world city with an estimated population of 404,048. It is the largest city within the South Florida metropolitan area, which is the largest metropolitan area in the Southeastern United States with 5.4 million people. Miami and its surrounding cities make up the fifth largest urban area in the United States. As of 2005, the United Nations estimates that the Miami Urban Agglomeration is the fourth largest in the United States, and the 44th largest in the world. Miami’s importance as an international financial and cultural center has elevated Miami to the status of world city." Source and further information:
  • Jacksonville, FL is the largest city in Florida based on area.

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