• Strasnge family..I know : 1) Every house in my mothers side of the family, includuing MINE, has a statue of The Blessed Mary with a constant lit candle 2) My mother used to burn candles for needs, white when some one was ill and needed health green when finances were hard and money was needed red when someone was having maritial or love problems yellow when some thing was lost ect. 3) new years day; keep cash undar the table cloth and you will have money all year round 4) don t spent money on new years day, or you will be spending money eve=ry day for a year 5) st nicholas day, place your shoes outside the door and you will receive money .
  • ....someone passed this down to me... when some one is causing you problems... (write their full name on a white piece of paper using blue ink. using an orange candle, light the candle and drip the orange way over the name on the paper, as you are doing this (say aloud over and over) ""{(the name) can not harm mwe or affect me in any way"", repete this untill the name can not be seen through the orange wax. place the paper in a container and store it where it can t be long as the wax covert the name the persom can not cause you any problems.
  • My grandmother was, I guess what you would call a folk magick practitioner. When I was a kid, I remember people coming to her house and trading her different things for her castings. Like one lady in particular, I remember bringing my grandmother a handmade shawl. After she left, grandmother dipped her little hand into the pocket and pulled out an envelope. In it there was a lock of hair, fingernail clippings, and a photo of the ladies husband. I watched her as she set to work tying the lock of hair with a thin piece of black ribbon from her sewing basket. She placed the hair, fingernail clippings and photo into her special bowl and said an incantation while sprinkling some kind of herbs over them "Thou shall not harm thy wife" And she said this with such conviciton that it almost scared me. The following morning I watched as she rolled the herbs, clippings & hair into the picture and sealed each end with wax. She then placed the whole "tube" into a batch of bread dough, baked it and as soon as it came out of the oven, took it to her garden and buried it under the rose bushes. I dont know if this was a curse or not but I do know that the lady (Mrs Miller) never came to church with bruises on her body again.
  • My grandmother is a psychic she has predicted tonnes of events years in advance. Through dreams and feelings but shes always right on the button. Me on the other hand I do spells, I know curses and I read the angel cards :) I also know that its not the tools you use in a ritual that count its the intention behind it that makes it work! :)

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