• Yeah,but somes peoples will gave you bad comments :S
  • I'd be interesting, but facebook & myspace exist for that, answerbag has more than enough places to have conversations ^_^
  • YES. I find it strange that if I have something to say to a particular user, I have to go find a question they asked or answered in order to talk to them about something unrelated. By the way, you never told me what your avatar is, since you said it isn't Totoro. ;)
  • That's why I put my email on my profile. If someone wants to chat, I'm not hard to find.
  • Yes it's called linking a blog within your profile. I do have a blog link on my profile page that anyone can post comments if they feel like clicking on my blog link. Best of all I administrate it so I can eliminate any spam comments that may creep in. Try it out. This will prove that you actually cared to ask this question.
  • you can write comments on people's answers

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