• that was one of the main methods of attack on yahoo..gangs of trolls.
  • trolls organizing? Is there a troll union or guild?
  • That could happen , though I haven't seen it + 5 Hi killphill
  • I'm sure it has occured.
  • I never actually thought of this before. Usually I would think that trolls would be on their own. Maybe it has happened before where one joins forces with another troll, but usually, they are on their own.
  • The question may be moot since one troll with multiple identities could simulate a group attack. I bet this actually happens. A stimulating question, thanks.
  • It would be GREAT if the trolls attacked each other and didn't know it!
  • I know of a couple of my pet trolls do this and the fools confirmed this the other day by D/Ring a number of answers and questions one after the other...they forgot they were on a thread and both commented on an answer I gave and bingo I copped a mass of D/R's to a number of my Q&A', but I got used to that over at Yahoo...the same thing
  • If the other one sock puppet of the troll.. then yes. Does that make sense? Lol :P
  • I think that it's more likely for a troll to create multiple accounts for the sole purpose of attacking one or more than one person.
  • I'm quite positive it's happened. Back when I was on Yahoo Answers, the regular trolls each created dozens and dozens...probably hundreds of accounts. They'd attack and attack until they got enough violations that they were suspended...then they'd start again. The ones we (and that includes Da ben Dan, Kedar, Lisa, Tegarst, Matt89, Arisztid and quite a few others) knew very well even cloned us all of time, too. And it was pretty obvious by some of their questions and comments that they must be conversing and plotting with each other to go after certain users. Many of them have slithered over to AB as well. Fortunately, they can't get away with being blatantly abusive here.
  • They sure do and it's so obvious.

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