• Overpopulation helps cause climate change.
  • mathematics, simple . small population small problems large population large problems and so on
  • Climate change is worse, we are far less capable of doing anything about it.
  • Climate change isn't a threat, and neither is overpopulation. This is just MORE fearmongering. Let's think back about 10 years... It's 1999... What's our biggest concern? Y2k. What happened? Nothing.
  • Bad selfish global politics !
  • Both issues have been grossly exaggerated. Climate Change (Global Warming) is the politicization of natural climatic events -- all based upon a flawed theory and junk science. "Overpopulation" has been a concern since the hyperbole of Dr. Malthus and the fear mongering of Paul Erlich's piece of science fiction "The Population Bamb". The only famines that have occurred in the past century have been government-engineered or the result of OPEC greed. At six billion people, the world is currently operating at less than one-half capacity -- possibly less than one-quarter capacity. Worry about things over which you can exercise reasonable control. Overpopulation and global warming are not among them.
  • climate change cannot be saved unless u can convince ppl to save the health of the world!... now overpopulation can be changed cause u can just tell ppl that having a baby is dangerous! (2 do the trick tell em "it might not be human")...ok in all seriousness now...both are problematic but the biggest threat would be climate change! who would want antartica to be melted that would soon cause flooding to nearby countries (australia)???

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