• Do you mean not disciplined in their behavior? If so I agree with you..I have seen parents letting their kids run wild in the stores..the other day there were two riding skateboards in Wal Mart. On the other side of the coin..I have seen/heard parents "discipline" their kids by calling them motherf***ers, telling them that they will beat their G*dda*n ass, and to shut their f**king mouth and telling them LOUDLY. I shudder to think what effect that kind of public humiliation is going to have on them.
  • I know exactly what you mean. I see it too. My kids would never be allowed to pull some the tantrums I see. It is so painfully obvious the parent is either weak or apathetic. Sad thing.
  • The problem is that kids aren't being disciplined enough period. Now, I don't advocating beating your kids senselessly or calling them harsh names (as my parents did when I was younger), but I don't feel that a child be allowed to whine and whine until he/she gets an iPod and a computer for bad behavior.
  • I am glad I raised mine when I did because if saying... Settle your little a*ses down right now, before you get your butts spanked is wrong, it is hard telling how they would have turned out. Times changes and so does our parenting methods, we learn different ways to deal with things. I just can see a problem about to happen when a person is not allowed to make your own kids behave. I do not believe in beating kids!!! I am 100% against it. I just believe in smacking their butts to let them know they have done something wrong. It may not be the right way...but who really knows. I do know one thing... my kids have not ever talked to me the way I hear kids talking to their parents in todays world.

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