• Quick attacks with no respect for the lives of the innocent people that will be affected by these attacks and no intelligence to prove that the attacks are justified.
  • Insanity
  • mis information uneducated children human rights are crap the environment is crap corporate irresponsibility sick and deserted citizens i am just getting started...
  • Bush’s faith-based administration policies, fail to promote economic growth, and it is characterized by a vicious anti-working class agenda, and a never-ending war that can't be won, but which will provide a basis to steal oil and murder anyone who gets in the way! Obviously, Bush is anti-working class American -- He will never represent anyone who is not wealthy and part of his inner circle -- He represents those who aim to turn our middle-class and poor Americans into work-slaves, addicted to medicines and in debt to the wealthiest dominate corporations for all time. He made no attempt to reach out to the millions of working class Americans who have seen a dramatic decline in their living standards -- I'm amazed that George Walker Bush continues to carry out his obviously anti-worker, anti-union agenda, unchallenged. But on top of Bush’s mounting embarrassments, the public relations effect was damaging -- The culmination was the Katrina tragedy, which exposed the criminal responsibility of all levels of government -- Bush’s policies exacerbated the lack of preparedness. The government’s corrupt ineptness and blatant contempt for the lives of hundreds of thousands of mostly working-class people, created a horror for all the world to see. From the outset of his presidency, Bush is a severely polarizing figure, rightfully hated by Blacks, immigrants and other victims of his policies. Now he is even held in contempt by many who voted for him.
  • War Pig's & fascist's!
  • The Good: Economic Growth Fighting Terrorists The Bad: National Defense/Uncontrolled borders/Illegal Invasion Poor planning in Iraq, lack of foresight, failure to provide enought manpower and equipment. Failure to control budget, downsize government, stop entitlement programs. Failure to control Federal Regulation. Poor trade agreemenents which cripple American business.
  • International scorn :(
  • The fusion of oil and politics. That's a Bush family tradition.
  • Cronyism and isolationism from the rest of the world. Nothing good as far as I have seen.
  • Fear Hate Poverty Illness Illiteracy Murder Greed Corruption Torture
  • The American Dream, Mom's apple pie and OIL.

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