• I cross at the crosswalk. I am trying to teach my daughter to be safe and the best way to do that is by example.
  • I try to cross whenever it is safe to do so and on busy intersections I usually am forced to wait the duration of the signal to turn red before I cross. I don't like to namby pamby about waiting for a signal to change if I can cross on green with no traffic approaching.
  • Depends what city I'm in, if I'm in a small town, I jaywalk, when I'm in Chicago I always use the crosswalk. And that's not always safe either!!!! haha
  • i always jaywalk
  • i jaywalk, i have actually gotten a ticket for jaywalking as absurd as it may sound.
  • I only walk in my residential neighborhood, where there no crosswalks, but I mostly cross at the corners. I will try to describe the area, it's laid out like a maze, and many of the corners cross over to the center of the block. Imagine a brick wall, where the two lower bricks meet in the center of the upper brick.
  • YES! what if the official crosswalk is inherently dangerous? Would a reasonable ordinary citizen choose to be a legal wet spot on the road? It would be smarter to cross at a place in the road where there is no blind spot. Most run red light at Nimitz and are in the dip when others behind them are stopped at the light (which CAN be seen from the white striped crosswalk) - but NOT the intervening distance in between. The one way intersection of Nimitz and River Street that goes over the arch bridge then the dip aftermath is the striped crosswalk with big yellow signs that do little to add "safety" to pedestrians. But who the fuck cares? That area is full of homeless anyway. Perhaps Honolulu's subversive plan is to rid the homeless perhaps?
  • I always cross at the crosswalks because where I live it is safer to do so.
  • It depends...Most of the time I find it easier to cross at a crosswalk. I don't have to be so cautious and run fast.
  • I try to use the crosswalks. I was from an area that gave out tickets very often for jaywalking so I learned to not do it.
  • To me, the crosswalk is more dangerous than the middle of the street. Think about it. You've got four different directions that cars are coming from, plus cars turning ways you can't always know. I always jaywalk, even going so far as to walk away from the crosswalk when I'm near one. Good luck to the officer who tries to ticket me for that.
  • I jaywalk. I also cross the road at the crosswalk. It all depends on where I'm walking. When I go to school, I jaywalk when I cross the street so that I can continue to walk on the other part of the street I live on and I take a shortcut behind buildings and then reach a sidewalk and then I cross where I'm supposed to. If I didn't jaywalk, I would have so many lates.
  • I always feel safer away from the crosswalk, so I can see who is turning.
  • I cross where ever I please. I live on the edge!!!
  • Sometimes depends They don't ticket us in my hometown and it is the biggest city in the province but they say don't Jay at schools and Police stations They advise but don't reinforce it

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