• Ice man
      He says as if he's never done that himself, in a drunken stupor. Maybe so but why did the car not spot her coming into it's path. I understand your point about it happening to an adult who should have known better ... but in my experience cattle, horses, and moose don't pay much attention to traffic safety either.
    • Ice man
      Sorry, no porn sites .. but look around at Craigslist, you might find something to your liking there.
    • Werewolf87
      Was the victim wearing all black or dark clothing? If so, that would explain why the car didn't spot her.
  • Yes it does. In an experimental run of automated cars, every consideration concerning safety of living beings, should have been factored. Super redundancy in anticipating human behavior of drivers and pedestrians is attainable. It would cost more for sure, yet is life worth it? Yes! In this case if there were at least 6 infra red scanners(3 per side, picking up the thermal presence of warm bodies, the autopilot can be programmed to slow down, even if the scanned warm body was not moving into traffic. How many of you see pedestrians walking along the road and slow down no matter the situation to be able to respond to unexpected surprises, like a child or animal darting into the road. In this accident, there had to be motion of the person moving toward the traffic lane, yet the video indicated no change in speed of the automated vehicle. A new human driver would certainly drive more slowly and cautiously, why not driver-less autopilots? Did this autopilot have to pass an independent exam? (one not made in house) Probably not.
    • Ice man
      Very good questions, I wondered about that myself.
  • no, that doesnt surprise me, they need to take them off the road
  • Will you be just as surprised to hear about the self-driving WMD?
    • Ice man
      You didn't answer the question, but ..No, I know several Woman Medical Doctors who drive their own cars. I hate acronyms because people expect others to be mind readers. If you mean Weapons of Mass Destruction, no surprise - they've been around for years. If you mean big rig transport trucks - There has been a few prototypes rolling around the U.S. for a couple of years already, and accident free to boot.
    • mushroom
      Trailer bombs - yes, that's what I fear most.

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