• It is not clear by the source what is done with the info, but my guess would be that the site creator either doesn't do anything with it or the form emails the info to him or stores it in a database. Either way, you get something off your chest and he might have some fun with the strange things people feel like getting off their chests. Just so we are clear, I am talking about " " and not asdfjkl;.com which isn't a valid domain name.
  • ur an idiot mate the website creator is just a sick phsycho who feeds on peoples emotions THATS ALL
  • I don't know either..I just gave him a whole paragraph in Chinese and he still said thank you...:)
  • and what is up with or is ti meetspin i dont remember.
  • The point is to point out that, apparently, everything on the internet has a point. That website has no point, therefore some things on the internet are pointless. The implication being, perhaps, that most of what's on the internet is pointless. Quite clever. I approve.
  • honestly, i think it's just someone that's bored with their life and looking to the world to entertain them with their stories. kinda funny all the attension that asdfjkl;.com is getting!
  • If you don't understand it, then you won't understand our explanations either.
  • Honestly, there are some hackers out there that can get the information off your computer by just accessing their site. For example, "Cookies." Remember those little jibberish notepad files that you got for every site you went to. They recieve something very similar when you access their site. Within this notepad file that they recieve, it contains the date accessed, time accessed, and even information about the computer that was used to access this site. And the message box, by typing somthing into the box, the hacker would possibly get the message WITH THE INFORMATION FROM THE COMPUTER USED TO SEND THE MESSAGE. So next time you run into a weird site like asdfjkl;.com, be careful how you access the site. Because your info could be taken away from you.
  • I just came upon asdfjkl;.com today (3-19-08), and I will take a stab at answering your question. I just hope you have not lost too much sleep pondering what asdfjkl;.com could be... The website is a site of hope... It is hope to somebody who writes about their crappy day. It is hope for somebody to send off a vulgar comment, perhaps in hopes that they will not tell that comment to a co-worker, but to a manager of a web site instead. (Do I condone the latter? No. But just the same, free speech has a wide umbrella.) Most importantly about that website, it gives the manager purpose. That person might not have any social life outside of the website. At least she/he can feel a sense of accomplishment every time that person reads an e-mail and files it away... In many ways, the person running the site is trying to "play God". Although she/he does fall short of God's grace and power. It is as if the information we send to her/him are prayers that we send off to some supreme being. Only, there is no response. Our little "prayer" to this person is found only in her/his eyes... It may be a sad existence. It may be lonely. But that person at the website's only task is to receive e-mails. You do not need to understand the website for it to make sense. In fact, maybe the joke is on you friend. Or perhaps the joke is on me... The person wasting time trying to explain the website to somebody else. It does not matter. The only thing that matters is that asdfjkl;.com continues. Creating questions, answers, poems and insults. The point to the website is that it is there, whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not. Get some sleep tonight now that you have an answer to your question... But if you find that sleep is not coming, perhaps you could hit the internet and write to a cosmic someone out there and you can tell her/him that you can not sleep. Just don't wait for a response. Best of luck, A friend
  • If you read the FAQ page, regarding this question the creator states: "When you press the button, the message is sent to an email inbox I have set up specifically for this purpose with the sender email address as '' and the subject line of 'A Message'."
  • it seems to me to be more of a psychological thing than an actual site. most "sites" give or recieve info. ...... not this one. its a chance for those who seem at a loss to talk to cyberspace and possibly recieve a message from cyberspace in answer, regards, or comfort. there is no point,... unless you have one.

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