• Rub it nicely with the pants on.
  • Cuddling! It is a big part of my relationship with my wife. We don't always have to have sex.
  • A kissing-cuddling combo works well.
  • I love it when my husband brusshes my hair. It feels so seductive and sensual.
  • Outside of sex altogether, outside even the hint of it, I think prayer and worship is very intimate. Within the context of affection, reaching out in your sleep and feeling your partner next to you is heaven on earth.
  • Holding each other is the nicest way but that leads to other things.
  • Sharing thoughts, sitting quietly together, talking about the future, the past, what you like about each other, your fears your joys. The mind is the sexiest thing to share and not some physical. It all starts in your mind.
  • Nude Monopoly.
  • talk dirty.
  • We get naked and snuggle under a huge pile of blankets and sleep. Without any sexual connotation? We dance in the kitchen together almost every evening even though there is never music. It re-connects us at the end of a day and starts us communicating with each other instead of talking AT each other.
  • Intimacy is not all that good if you don't do it right. Obviously the most intimate things are those that the two of you would do alone. Well, that will inevitably lead to more and more things, can you handle it? To answer you question more directly, think of things that you both like to do and then go do them. To keep from the temptation of sex, don't go any place where it would be possible for you to have sex! (i.e., being alone in your house for hours) Why not take a walk or watch a movie, or go get coffee/tea? Also, long hours on the phone can be great. You can be alone and have the privacy you desire, without be physically together. That way you can't end up having sex! And you can talk about any of the most intimate things you want to.
  • Massage, and never too late to start, the more you practice, the better you become at learning what your partner likes
  • Cuddling and talking with each other
  • There are a million things to do that create nice intimacy without skinning off the duds and going at it like drunk monkeys. And they are usually better. Think of the fundamental meaning of the word "intimate"... It is basically private, one on one time with someone you are close to. It requires your full attention, and some degree of privacy (privacy meaning "at least not having your conversation interrupted). Take these fundamentals and mix in your own ingredients. Pile up on a sofa on a cold autumn evening with some cocoa and cookies. Watch a dull movie and snuggle under a blanket. Visit, but the hottest thing your paws should be touching is the cocoa cup. Go to a drive in movie, and sit on the ground with lawn chairs and blankets. Hold hands, visit, look at the stars and share dreams. A bowling alley is a good place to share intimate moments... Even though it is crowded, the noise and game play keep everyone out of your business. You can share a conversation and some nice eye gazing, but you have to keep your mits to yourself because everone can see you. Anything you want to do that involves 2 people can be intimate if you make it.
  • Hugging, I can never get enough hugs
  • It can be simple has holding hands...that and just spending quality time together.
  • Hugging and kissing and listening to one another talk about hopes and dreams.
  • Cuddling is the best thing I can think of.
  • spooning with my hubby... him behind me....
  • We've got the music on, the kids are asleep, I'm sitting on the couch and she's laying with her head on a pillow in my lap. I'm stroking her hair and singing along with the music. She usually falls asleep and I just keep stroking her hair and singing.
  • dedicating time to just touch them all over - make it their 'special' time if you will. rub gently over the body and do whatever they want - without sex of course ;)
  • Talking. Speach is a powerful thing in all aspects of life. So is listening.
  • Nicest way? Like as in innocent? You could cuddle. You could kiss. You could stroke each other's hair. You could hold hands. But, you know, eventually, it's gonna lead to sex. And there isn't anything "nice" about sex.
  • definintly cuddles. its the best thing. cuddling and listening to music and when a good song comes on.dancing to it.
  • To sit and talk and share your earlier life experiences and talk about how you feel in the present and how you want to be in the future.
  • Being able to talk and trust in one another, cuddling up together...

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