• G'day Mizuiislife, Thank you for your answer. We feel bad if the women in our life are upset. This may cause panic in some males. Regards
  • For me, depending on the situation, it's because I have feelings too and it's difficult to see the woman you care about in tears -- of course within reason...
  • Do they?
  • because they actually have to try and make you feel better and tell you every thing is ok, a total inconvenience!!!! im really not a man hater!!! lol
  • Because we love them and want to make them happy. When that fails, we panic. Because men don't cry often, we take tears seriously. Then we meet some women who cry for sport so we learn to relax a little.
  • Most men I know only cry if they're in serious agonizing pain or there has been a bad tragedy...while us women (most of us, can't be stereotyping now!) will cry if we're sad, happy, P.O'd, etc...which is confusing to some men and they're not sure WHAT mood we're in but we're crying.
  • Because if its somewhere in public, you start to think that people are staring and wondering "what did the guy do to make that woman start crying?" So we try our best to make her stop crying. Otherwise if its in private I let her cry her eyes out. I usually helps to get everything out.
  • Women cry and men panic, probably because men feel that they are the protectors of women. No matter how times change (and they did) men are physically stronger than women, they're the ones who go to war, they're the providers, and they're the ones women rely on for protection. That is why when women cry, men panic; they feel it's their obligation to make things better and heal the situation, especially if they are the ones causing the tears; they freak out because their instincts tell them to protect women, not harm them.
  • only the sweet ones do?
  • When my boyfriend makes me cry, he tells me to shut up and stop acting like a child, even though he really upsets me. When he makes me cry, all I want is him to give me a hug, but yet he ignores me and it seems as though he couldn't care less. Why would he treat me like this?
  • Men don't deal with emotions well(aside from controlled anger). We are taught/conditioned to be stoic and not show our inner, tender side. It upsets us when women can easily show these feelings.
  • This happens to the insecure men. A SECURE man knows to just give a woman a hug, plain and simple. No panicking or yelling or belittling. A secure man knows that he cannot "fix" a crying woman. Most men feel as though they are our protectors and if we are crying or hurting like that, there is nothing they can do to help us. Or anyone for that matter. They feel powerless over something they cannot control (our crying) and this is a bruise to their ego. So the insecurity of a man who thinks he cannot help you will drive him to panic or even yell at you to project his own shortcomings on to you. If they cant fix you, they feel as though they are useless. (Which of course, is not true! Yelling at us will make it worse though.) Sometimes all we need you to do is listen to us. Give us a hug. Hand us a tissue. But let us CRY. You cant fix it, all you can do is listen and try to be a friend no matter what your relationship to the woman is. Panicking only makes it worse....
  • Personally I think it's an act!
  • maybe cause they feel bad for them and dont know what to do

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