• I have grandparents who fought in WWII, so I am definitely with you on this one! Great Question Capt.!
  • Sure sure I'm with you, lets all spring and buy a WWII generation couple a few packs of viagra. Whatta ya say?
  • You are talking about the Beat Generation, aren't you?
  • Thank you for this pertinent reminder of our need to remember these who have forged a trail in which we would do well to traverse. We owe them a great deal of respect and appreciation. I am with you.
  • You're talking about my dad, who was barely 18 and had just been named valedictorian of his high school class and wasn't allowed to finish out his senior year when the Army came calling. He was in Italy before he realized what had happened, with perpetually wet socks and carrying weapons, scared, trying to stay alert and watching out for his buddies. Multiply that by thousands and thousands, in trenches, on ships in the Pacific, trying to remember a girlfriend's pretty face, Mom's Christmas fudge and that Dad's eyes had unexpectedly filled with tears when he saluted you, that last day at home. These boys, just boys who had to face death, did that willingly because they believed it was right. I will not forget, nor will my children or their children.
  • I understand from your comments that you mean those who thought in the two world wars, but why limit it to Americans?
  • Yes. I join with you in this. We need to show appreciation for our vets. They sacrificed a lot for their country
  • Thank you to all vets, past and present, American and Allied. Your bravery has not been forgotten.
  • The Greatest Generation of Americans are the next generation, and each generation will be greater still. After all, that's what people fight wars to protect, correct?
  • I'm 26 and my generation are no less great than any other. If you are honoring my generation, I thank you. If you honoring another generation, I honor them with you.
  • I am glad you have so much knowledge to pass on. I know you said the Gypsies history is kept orally, and I hope others are teaching the world this tragic bit of history. I know I will not forget.
  • Agreed!
  • I very much admire those you speak of. I am very sad that the principles they held and hold, the understanding of what is good and what is bad, the deep felt sense of duty that they had, the common sense they had, and so much more is lost on many people today. It is a great loss. The "whatever makes me feel good" liberals are undermining many a gallon of spilled sweat and blood.
  • My dad was of this generation you and I honor here. Born 1923 he was drafted twice. One tour of duty in Germany and another in Korea. To serve was not questioned, it was an Americans duty, an Americans resposibility to protect the way a life for those who could not defend themselves. I know little of his experiences as he chose not to speak of it. A salute to A.D. my dad and all who served. I will NOT forget!-------In my opinion the majority of the current breed of left side extremist are first decendants of the Vietnam era protesters. To me, this seems to be where the first seeds of hatred toward the government and the military were planted. I have given this growing tendancy of decent among the younger set much thought. I ask myself, who is it that has so much influance over our young? I was not long finding an answer. It is obvious me. -------That should be enough to get me some downrating!
  • To all our men & women in service!!!!!
  • You know I am, Captain. Thank you to the Greatest Generation ever.
  • I'm not trying to forget. I am with you.
  • I have to say that i find the question offensive it implies that only that generation of Americans was great and no other. I think a more general question excluding any nationality would be fairer. I may be forced to remind you that were late.

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