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  • A new program was developed that allowed pilots, first officers and captains, to qualify to carry weapons. The pilots were required to complete the same sort of course that anyone would in order to legally carry a concealed firearm. Many pilots have since taken this course and have passed. I personally decided that it was a useless idea and never even tried to qualify. I own several firearms and know how to use them with some bit of skill. (I am also an outdoorsman, I love hunting and fishing) The question here is really should the pilots be allowed to? I think about it as, when should they draw the line? When should pilots be allowed to use the firearms? Would if a hijacker is executing passengers one by one because the pilots refuse to allow access to the cockpit??? Should the pilot crack the cockpit door and take on the terrorist with his firearm? Should he only use this firearm to defend the flight deck? None of these issues have been clearly defined, but it was a hot issue with ALPHA and many of my fellow airmen. If I know more soon, I'll make a note to update/edit this answer.

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