• Thats the worse feeling I could ever feel because I have a big problem with being a control freak. I'd have to say I feel it all the time when I have to do something and I have to rely on others to complete a part of it.
  • Only when I have an asthma attack.
  • On the john halfway before pinch off.
  • i feel it occasionally on bad days ( you know those days when nothing seems to go right.) But i try not to give in to the feeling because i have my 3 year old daughter who needs me to be strong. You have to think positive! and a little wine helps too..
  • When my children are injured.
  • I face that situation quite frequently which other designate as helpless. But I accept it as part of my Karma. That does not mean that I do nothing. I do my part of it. I do not worry about the result.
  • Well that is a part of life. Seldom are we able to control the thinking and actions of others. So we develop a little part of the world we can feel comfortable in and try to enjoy that.
  • Having to sneeze with a mouthful of rice

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