• all the tinne
    • Cry me a River
      Ty for your answer
  • Most often I just use a couple of the Chicken packets to make a hot broth to sip on when I have a chest cold.
    • Cry me a River
      Thank you for answering.
  • all the time, love the chicken
  • Never eat them as they are full of MSG. I try never to eat anything with MSG in it.
  • More than often. The salty packet of seasoning makes it a quick flavorful dish.
  • Oh no! I didn't know there would be a test! I didn't keep track! I don't eat them often. First of all they are fried and I'm trying to cut back on fried foods, also they are noodles and since my last A1C was 7.0 I'm having to face the fact that maybe I am diabetic after all, so carbs must be eaten in small portions. Chili powder gives me indigestion. I prefer habaneros, cayenne, or jalapeno pepper added. I only use half the seasoning packet because its too high in sodium and I usually add a can of mixed vegetables. A slice of american cheese is good, too. But I usually thicken the broth with a little flour if I don't add cheese.
  • Very rarely. The last time that I ate ramen noodle was 30 years ago
  • I ate them when I was sick, I couldn't eat anything else, finally, after days being home sick I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Bowel Obstruction
  • I used to eat them all the time until I gained weight - now I avoid them like the plague. I love them but...😕

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