• No. You mightt be able to come up with some high probability with certain actions, but it isn't likely that you would ever be able to make any prediction with that level of certainty. The issue is 100% certainty. Since humans (at least theoretically) have the ability to make decisions based on teh input they receive, it would not be possible to predict all human behavior with 100% certainty. You might be able to predict certain behaviors with near 100% certainty (such as predicting whether an individual would stick their hands into a container of boiling oil), but there is always the chance (or probability) that one of the individuals in your sample would not do the normal, rational thing.
  • Nearly impossible. Too many variables to consider, known and unknown. You never know if someone is on drugs or has a head injury, just for example.
  • Yes. We eat, we sleep, we relate,(for better or worse)
  • No never, but you have a strong 50 percent possibility!
  • no, i dont think anyone can

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