• If at all possible I would leave. Then when there was an activity that they wanted I would tell them b/c they didn't behave with me I am not going to take them where they want to go.
  • If it's necessary, I'll send one or two of them to sit in the van and wait for me. When they were younger, I would usually just leave... then scold them when we were outside or in the car.
  • I would warn them once the second was ... their dad took them out to the car. This is also how I broke them of crying for toys in the store. He would make it a long boring wait.
  • i dont have kids but if i did i would tell them they need to quiet down or theyre going home
  • To the car and sit until they can stop or we go home and they go to bed.
  • We as parents are supposed to train our children “in the way they should go”(Pro 22:6). We have to instruct in a way that corrects bad behavior and molds their mental faculties in order to have an enjoyable family life. Children should learn their place in the family and be held responsible for their decisions, that way the transition into adulthood isn’t traumatic and possibly causing them to become violent, depressed and/or wreckless. Discipline removes foolishness from the heart of a child (Pro 22:15), we should not hold back discipline (Pro 23:13), it saves lives (Pro 19:18, Pro 4:13), it leads to wisdom (Pro 1:3, Pro 1:2, Pro 19:20). “Discipline your son while there is hope, and do not become responsible for his death.” (Pro 19:18). In the past, undisciplined children grew up and put themselves in danger without regard for their own well-being. Now, they grow up with a distorted view of authority putting the lives of their parents, class mates, work mates, police officers (and whoever may be in the wrong place at the wrong time) in grave danger. If your children can’t respect their own mother, who will they ever respect? The highpriest of the Isrealites, Eli, died as a result of the acts of his wicked and unruly children. We should take our role as parents seriously because lives depend on our application of the Bible’s counsel.
  • Smack 'em. All the "time out" or "leave until they're feeling better" or "make them go sit in the car" answers are bullshit. Instant consequences to bad behavior. The same thing that happened to us when we were growing up, and we turned out just fine. We didn't grow up to be a bunch of pansies.

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