• according to wikipedia, oldest is university of bologna, in italy, founded in 1088. other universities include: paris 1150 (france) oxford 1167 (england) salamanca 1218 (spain) coimbra 1290 (portugal) prague 1348 (czech republic) krakow 1364 (poland) vienna 1365 (austria) heidelberg 1386 (germany) st andrews 1410 (scotland) lund 1438 (sweden) istanbul 1453 (turkey) basel 1460 (switzerland) uppsala 1479 (sweden) copenhagen 1479 (denmark) for full list see
  • That sort of depends on what you think a college is. Our word 'academy' comes from Akademos which was a sacred grove near Athens. It was dedicated to the goddess of wisdom and membership was by invitation, much the same as it is today. Aristotle was the most famous member. The concept passed into middle eastern countries where it was preserved during the European dark ages, and then reintroduced to the west as the university. During that time, scholars were priests in the church, the only source of support for bright students. There is a great deal of history, and I have probably misinterpreted a lot of it. In the final analysis, it is largely a matter of interpretation, records from those days being what they are.

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