• It all depends - by keeping the sound off - it saves battery and if you're playing a GBA game then 1 screen is used you also save battery power. With both screens on a full volume probably 3-4 hours
  • In my experience, battery life ranges from 3-8 hours. I have been very pleased with the battery life of my Nintendo DS. As with most handhelds, it really depends on what you are trying to do. Some games really drain more power from the battery. Like Playing Sudoku on my brian age takes less power than playing Mario 64 DS a fully 3d game. If you want to maximize your battery life, make sure your DS is on the lowest light setting. On the older DS you can choose to turn off the backlight.(though it would be very difficult to see the game) The DS lite has a low light setting which saves alot of battery life. Turning the sound off also saves battery life. Finally, one can get the longest battery life while playing a GBA game. GBA games only takes up one of the LCD displays and therefore uses even less battery power.
  • with full light, 6 hours . without light... 14 hours

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