• I hate thase fans that wiggle! I have some stuff called "Cord Weatherstrip" some call it DUM-DUM. Its a plyable putty like material, available at larger hardware and home stores. It comes in a long coiled strip. I use a clothspin to find where I need weight(trial and error method) I make a little ball of putty and stick it to the top of the fan blade where it needs it.
  • 9-1-2017 The wiggle is always caused by a blade being bent. Stand on something and turn the fan by hand until you can identify one blade that is not the same as the others. Tie a string around the metal thing at the center so you can get back to that blade, and identify other blades by counting. A clip or a tape will fall off, and you don't want that. Anyway, you grab that blade with both hands near the metal and bend it until it lines up with the others. You have to bend the metal bracket, not the flimsy blade. Usually it is only one blade, but if there is another bent blade, you have to do the same to that one.

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