• At death's doorway and in hospital for 3 months :o(
  • My Mom has told me I was so sick as a baby that 3 pediatricians told her I wouldn't live 'till my first birthday. I was so skinny she wouldn't take pictures of me, so her memory of me would be when I was a healthy newborn. She told me I looked worse than the Ethiopian babies they used to show on commercials for starving kids in other countries.
  • Food poisoning ...wanted to die.
  • I fell off the roof.In the hospital for a month until I could recover and walk again.
  • That would either be the Hong Kong flu of 1973 or the eye infection in 1992 which kept me in an isolation unit at the hospital for 11 days. I was told after the fact that I was about 30 minute away from having lost my eye completely. Full recovery however, and pretty good eyesight, for my age.
  • Earlier this year with a sinus infection. In comparison to some of the other stories on here its not that bad, but I really did feel horrible. It felt like my head would explode and I couldn't breathe properly for about a month.
  • I once had pneumonia, which the doctors were very concerned about. The sickest I've ever FELT was when I had Mono, which turned into chronic EBV/chronic fatigue. I just felt like I was dying.
  • I had a near death experience during a rather nasty operation. Another occasion I spent 3 1/2 months flat on my back in hospital. I was not going to die but was in danger of being paralysed.
  • I spent a week in intensive care for a liver problem. Three doctors told my wife and I that I would not recover and that I should be dead already. Being the stuborn bastard I am, I had to prove them wrong. Here I am three years later!
  • toss up, bronchial pneumonia or food poisoning. Both ended up with hospital stays. The pneumonia was probably worse b/c I was hooked up to so many machines for longer, but the food poisoning made me feel like I was dying!
  • Not nearly as bad as some of these others but I think the worst was Christmastime last year. Everyone in the house got really sick (throwing up, the runs, etc). I managed to avoid it until Christmas Eve. Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring, cept me, up every hour or two puking. Then the runs. I tried to drink as much water & Gatorade as I could but I ended up getting dehydrated, and started getting vertigo. I've been dizzy before but I've never had the room spin like that. Scared me. Went to the ER. They put me on some vertigo meds and put a couple IV's of saline in me to get me hydrated again. Fortunately, I think I only missed about 3 days' work throughout the whole ordeal.
  • Not very sick compared to some of the other answers but: I had an inner ear infection that kept me out of work for a couple months. Very painful. I lost 20 pounds because I just couldn't eat.
  • I had a fever that was 103... I was puking and had big open things in the back of my throat that hurt sooo bad that I couldn't even speak... I didn't eat for 3 days... Was getting really weak and losing a ton of weight... Once I could eat again... I gradually started getting better... It took me about a month to actually fully recover...
  • I had Mononucleosis when I was about 16 and it lasted more than two weeks. I didn't ever think I would get better. Constant sore throat and just feeling like death warmed over. Then when I was about 19 I got a case of the flu that lasted about 4 days. I was so sick that I couldn't even stand up without puking or having diarrhea. I actually don't remember much of it because I was delirious.
  • When I was in grade 6 I was bed ridden for 3 weeks and needed a ventilator to help me breath from time to time. Although, now that I think about it, I never asked why.
  • When I was younger, I had really terrible asthma. Anytime I had a cold, it would progress into pneumonia and I'd have to go to the hospital. A few times my lung collapsed and I would have to be rushed to the ER. Although I can remember a few times being in an ambulence which was cool...except not with the whole sick part. I was home schooled for 2nd grade just cuz I'd get sick all the time. ...but I'm healthier now!So that's good.
  • When I was 17 I was hospitalized for anorexia nervosa. I was 40 lbs underweight and almost died.
  • A couple of times when I had the Flu pretty bad! That is the sickest I have been, not anything worse than that.

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