• 3G or "third generation" is terminology used mainly by marketing and sales departments within carriers to describe the rate that information can be down loaded /uploaded from your mobile handset. (cell phone). Mobile phone use either GSM or CDMA technology and both are just as good as each other. If you want a cell phone just to talk (“Voice Transmission”), then 2G or 3G is fine to use. However if you want a cell phone to send and receive photos and down load e-mails (“Data transmission”) then you need greater speeds of down load to gain the benefits. 3G is sort of like ADSL broadband compared to dial up for internet. - Hope this helps Darrcy
  • i dont have 3g in my phone whichi recently bought . can i use internet without 3g?
  • $$$$$$$$$ out of your wallet
  • Hmm! Model #?

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