• katydid- I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss goal. I haven't personally tried WW, but I am currently doing another workout/diet program and it is working great for me. Remember that dieting is like a bank - you get out only what you put in. Don't push yourself TOO hard, keep things moderate and set your goals resonably so that you can achieve them. Remember to celebrate EVERY achievement! Also, remember that weight is less important than inches - I'd rather weight 200 pounds as long as I looked great! And don't set your goals by old clothes - you may never fit into your old 'sexy jeans', but not because of your weight or even size - it may be that your body size has simply changed around. Finally, let me suggest keeping a couple of 'cheat' foods around. Really! Go to the grocery store when you aren't hungry and find a few snacks with less than 100 or 150 calories each. Jello cups, those 100 calorie snack bags (they have everything now!) Halloween candy, or little cracker packages are all great ideas. Just don't feel like you can eat as many small snacks as you want - have one cheat a day and feel better that you didn't just eat 6 Oreos or something :) Those Jello cheesecake things are my personal fix. If you end up in a situation where you can't help it, just remember to have one cookie instead of 5, or a small slice of cake instead of a huge chunk and savor every bite. If you do slip up and eat too much of something (hey, the holdiays are coming), just forgive yourself and move on! Life moves forwards, not backwards. Good luck to you!!! And when you feel like you don't wanna, just think of how much you loathe the beach (or whatever bothers you the most) and shout "I want to be sexy and fabulous and healthy!!!"
  • I have used WW twice and lost 30 lbs each time. It is a good program expecially when coupled with an exercise routine. I has taken me 12 weeks to lose 30 lbs and the only reason I went on it again was because I got lazy and did not maintain the weight loss the first time. It teaches you to eat "right" and use portions. You can eat anything, but you have to decide if it is worth eating something with a lot of points and not eating much for the rest of the day. I think you should do it. It will work. It is hard at first, but once you start to see the results (after two or three weeks) you will almost start to enjoy it since you will feel better and realize your goals can be attained. Good luck to you!

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