• If I tell you I'll be fired. (-:
  • at my last job i told the store owner what a dick she was. i only told the truth. then i quit. she wanted me to stay but she made me mad.
  • When I worked as a bank teller I couldn't find over $30,000.00 when I went to close down my drawer. After all of us going through everything for hours I finally realized I remember selling travelers cheques and forgot. I was sweating bullets big time!! And we were going to be audited the next day so no one was going to leave until it was found.
  • I accidentally picked up a pair of regular scissors instead of thinning scissors and chopped off too much of a lady's bangs. It was extremely traumatic for her and me. I didn't get fired but she quit her job because of it. In my defense, her bangs were only slightly shorter than she would have liked and they were at least cut straight. I think quitting her job was a bit over the top.
  • I've never done anything that bad. I've always caught my errors before they caused any trouble.
  • Married the boss when there was suppose to be no fraternizing.
  • I barely touched(tapped)a 30 thousand dollar limited edition Thomas Jefferson Grandfather clock that stood a bout 8 or 9 feet tall it was wrapped in moving pads which only made it more tippy and unstable in a dark area standing out from the wall instead of being stored somewhere safe and secure. It wobbled cartoonishly looking like it might right itself then as I was securing the forklift I was on to attempt to catch it it landed just out of grasp. It was such a long slow almost slow motion fall that I had hope for it till I righted it and it sounded like a maraca. Fortunately it was repaired by insurance at a large expense.
  • At my first job, I yelled at my boss over the phone. Of course it almost cost me my job, but my performance and work ethic have saved me hehehe.
  • About 8 years ago I got hired at the Bay in the Cosmetics section just for the Xmas season. I was in charge of wrapping gifts for the customers when they bought really expensive perfumes in boxes. Well, me and the other girl somehow mixed up two different gifts we had wrapped at the same time. We gave the wrong gift to the wrong customer, and when we realized the mistake he had already left the store. Our supervisor yelled at the other girl, since she was the one that handed it to him to go find him, and she was in tears. The next day I got fired- I think she laid the blame on me.
  • I dated someone I supervised and then broke up with him. He was not happy about it at all and started making scenes in meetings and making stupid accusations about how I ignored his ideas and the work he did. I was so dumb to have dated him. It was a long time ago.
  • I made the horrible mistake in thinking I worked for a Hospital instead of a Corporation...and did my job too bloody well. Uncovered a real den of corruption in it - and because it was not the Janatorial staff or Kitchen hands that were involved but some of the top management I ended up being forced to resign a few months down the road. It was beautifully done - and it still haunts me. I've basically lost fifteen years of achievement and reputation in my field...
  • I jerked off in my boss's daughter's sandwich lol I was working in subway sandwich back then..
  • I was making out with my boyfriend at work I was giving oral sex and we almost got busted.
  • haha well, it wasn't really an error, just a case of not giving a crap... i used to work for AT&T and some guy was demanding an unrealistic deal on new cellphones for his whole family. after about 40 minutes of him bitching at me, i told him that i would sell him all the equipment he wanted for the standard upgrade pricing, but that i would submit a request form to a manager to see if he could get a refund on his credit card, making it amount to the price he was demanding. well, i kind of forgot to submit the request form to a manager, and just sent to credit card refund request to the recievables department. it was an accident, honest to god... needless to say, someone wondered why i was submitting an unapproved request for an $800 refund and ratted me out. i had to talk to the head of corporate security and everything. they were going to fire me, until they realized i had no malicious intent- it was just stupidity on my part. i still laugh about it- i used to get away with murder at that place.
  • I crashed my boss's car while doing an errand for him. It was rush hour in the evening and I took my eyes off the road for one second and I rear-ended a car that subsequently hit the car in front of it. I caused 3000 dollars damage to the car I was driving, obliterating the front end but fortunately there were no serious injuries mostly bumps, bruises and a bloody lip. I didn't get fired.
  • I argued with co-workers when they said bad things about Mormons, since my whole family, at that time, were Mormons. This was during a coffee break. That Friday, the boss called me in and said I wasn't a good fit there, and handed me my final check, plus 6 weeks severance pay. This was way before the non-discrimination laws.
  • I was a front desk clerk at a hotel. I gave the keys to the liquor storage room to a co-worker knowing he was going to steal liquor. I got fired quickly.
  • The first day I started working as a waitress, one of the clients asked me to ''box'' his cake. I didn't know what that meant though, and I figured he didn't want it anymore, so I hucked it out. He was waiting there at the table forever, and finally he asks me about an hour later, where's my cake? Then it clicked in my head, ''box'' musta meant...just that lol. I was like, er...I threw it out? He was pretty understanding though, after I told him it was my first day, and there was no harm done. But right after that, I was shown, quite intricately, how to ''box'' food. Still, they should have taught me that before, not my fault. XD

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