• tell me where it is begging you i want to go there i would go all 10 actually excited about this answer your question yes i would try i would make it to the 8th if im alone and i'd push myself to go to the first.....if im with at least one more person i can go to the 10th for sure!!
  • do you mean a fake haunted house? or a real haunted house? i could make it through all 10 of a fake haunted house, i just don't have 100 bucks. Now a real haunted house i refuse to go in. i already had enough of that when i was in gettysburg.
  • heck no i couldnt make it through the 1st lol i mean that some scary crap where is it at?
  • There was one like that where I grew up, but it was five floors, 20 for admission, and the grand prize was $500. The catch was you had to find the money on the top floor, and you had to sign a waiver saying that the people working the house (the goblins, ghosts, etc) could touch you to scare you. I was too young for it, then it shut down. I would have done it if I was older.
  • where is this haunted house at.
  • I'd never turn loose of the $100 to begin with, besides I'm not really into horror and being scared.

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