• If you're separated, you cannot re-marry as it's not a legal separation. A divorce is legally recognised thus allowing you to remarry
  • Legally? Depends on your local laws. During the separation period (agreed or manadated by law) you cannot remarry and in most cases even date (again, this is the legal perspective). A separation agreement is HIGHLY recommended. My husband and I had no interest in reconciling, but the state we live in forced a separation period of 6 months on us before we could file for divorce. Having that agreement in place protected each of us during the separation period. Also, if you are separated versus divorced, you are still married (the obvious) and just about everything you have is still jointly owned/linked. This applies to tax filings, credit cards, etc. Essentially, you might be liable for each others actions. It all depends completely on what the laws are where you reside.
  • A divorce legally dissolves a marriage. A separation is when two people who are married live separate lives for a period of time. It is usually necessary for a married couple to be legally separated for a specific minimum period of time before a divorce can be granted (e.g., one year in my jurisdiction). The term 'legally separated' simply means that the separation meets some specific legal requirements as defined by the jurisdiction in which you live. For example, if a married couple continues to sleep together in the same bed, they are not considered legally separated. But if they spent a period of time sleeping apart in separate rooms, they could be considered legally separated for this time. If they acquired separate residences and slept apart, they would be legally separated.
  • In common parlance, a divorce means that you are no longer legally husband and wife; whereas, a separation means that you're no longer living together and you're, in effect, living separate lives, but are still legally married, in that, you have not legally filed for a divorce, as of yet. I hope this helps to answer your question!
  • divorce is when the marriage is dissolved and all financial and legal aspects are determined by each part and the courts, spousal support alimony, child support, division of the marital home ex and you are once again single again and not responsible for his/her debts.Seperation is when a couple no longer is cohabitating weather they sleep in the same bed or not , they no longer share the marital home, bills or live in the same residence and are living apart for a minimum of two years before seeking divorce during such seperation period their is a reconcilliation period in which if the couple get back together this is before the divorce is final.incase a person has a change of heart or something.
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  • How about a cheap divorce? Cheap divorce offers a quicker and more cost-effective way to end a marriage compared to separation. It also allows both parties to move on with their lives and pursue new relationships without being legally bound to their former spouse.

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