• Shove your fingers up it....that'll plug it up for a bit. Then when the pressure builds, ask someone you don't like to pull your finger :D Then after drenching them in your snot, ask if they be so kind as to scratch your nose for you.
  • Be brave and let it all gush out.
  • it might be allergies, get it checked out
  • Antihistamines - something like piriton or zyrtec. doesn't have to be high dosage - just 5 mg will do to dry up the nose. For the itching you can get some nasal steroid spray.
  • Increase your water and salt intake - use unprocessed sea salt, not the on-the-shelf processed poison you see at the grocery store. A dripping nose is a sign of a salt deficiency (it could also mean you're getting too much salt if you regularly eat a lot of salt. But with today's lifestyles and the general adherence to the "avoid salt" campaign, it's more likely that you're deficient).
  • go to your local chemist and get a nose spray..or try using different deodorant etc etc etc that you could be allergic too
  • Sounds like allergies. If you're opposed to allergy medications, I'd start by being sure to cover yourself when you go out, especially the hair and removing that as soon as you come in. Either that or change clothes and get a shower upon coming in from outside. Here are some other home remedies: "How to treat a nose tickle at home Avoid triggers. ... Take over-the-counter (OTC) allergy drugs. ... Take cold medicine. ... Blow your nose less. ... Hands off. ... Use a humidifier. ... Try capsaicin nasal spray. ... Try a neti pot. More items...•Dec 1, 2017 Tickle in Nose: How to Get Rid of It and Causes - Healthline › health › tickle-in-nose"
  • Sounds like you might have allergies. Try an OTC allergy medication. If that doesn't work, see your doctor.
  • For me, what fixed it is a daily dose of iron and magnesium and some other vitamins. Vit. C, A, D, E K,for kidney disease, cinnamon for diabetes,
  • Loratadine. Sudafed with pseudoephedrine. Navage. Nebulizer.

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