• Yes. “When Randie examined the eagle, she saw that four of the tail feathers had been burned, and there was a round burn hole all the way through the lower part of his left leg. It was possible to see where lightning had entered and exited. The surrounding tissue was badly burned and discolored, and a strong burning odor was present. The outlook for the bird seemed grim. Eagles use their feet and legs, not just for perching, but also for catching their prey. Without two perfectly healthy legs, they cannot survive." Bird struck by lightning released after eight weeks in rehab By J.E. Espino Post-Crescent staff writer “The 13-year-old male bird had spent the past eight weeks rehabilitating at a local wildlife center after being struck by lightning. When it came time to get back into the wild, the animal stumbled before being shooed off the ground. “None of us thought he would survive because we thought he was going to lose his leg. An eagle can’t live (in the wild) with one leg,” said Kai Williams, education program coordinator at Wind River Rehabilitation and Release. “But then you know he’s going to be successful because he’s so eager to get out.” The Waupaca Sheriff’s Department discovered the bird June 5 in the middle of a road. It had suffered skin burns and muscle injuries to the tail and leg. A month into rehabilitation, the eagle underwent two and a half hours of reconstructive surgery at the Animal Medical Center in Appleton under the care of Dr. Christine Sontag.”
  • that could happen but hopefully it wont

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