• Your definetly right, there is no suspense to todays scarey movies. Todays movies are always completely absurd and super farfetched. Psycho could actually happen and there was a feeling of empathy for the characters now in todays movies your going for the body count.
  • Scary movies aren't the same, previously there were no cell phones, computers etc. so the idea that someone was truly "alone" was possible. It's not really a possibility now unless the movie takes place in the middle of the woods or the desert. I personally think "Pulse" is a scary movie because it's about technology coming back to bite you in the ass. Also a lot of new movies are rip offs of old movies.... Vacancy is a direct rip off of Psycho. I'm personally a fan of classics like The Exorcist, Halloween and Rosemary's Baby.
  • Yep, your correct... todays movies are predictable and often absurd. There is a lean towards gore and blood which I think is stupid. A real scary movie, is one that is realistic and believable.
  • Most of the scary movies today are just gruesome and filled with gore. And of course, everyone has to be half naked, completely naked and having sex.
  • Today's movies aren't scary, they're gross and crude.
  • You're absolutely right. These days its all about blood and guts & not about tapping into the moviegoer's psyche. I saw "Psycho" for the first time when I was 12 years old. The "shower scene" had such an effect on me that I stopped taking showers for a long time.
  • I completely agree, now they think that just tons of blood and gore makes a good scary movie, wich is only partelly true, a movie they did do good was Saw but those are more a sickening type of scary. Another good example of the old movie bing better is The Exersist a lot of people don't think it's scary but that's because they haven't seen the origanal.
  • i agree i enjoyed the movies like halloween 1-5, all the Jason's, Psycho is classic, nightmare on alm street. but now they are just grotesk like Saw. it has a good story but not scary, the grudge, the ring those are not scary. And last but not least the remakes. They f***ed up the original story line by allot. The new jason aint the same, the new halloween just screwed itself.

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