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  • Depends on the person I can stand to be around. If I was a guy that is.
  • this question makes no sense. if a women isn't treating me right and is cheating on me, she is far from sexy.
  • Sexy is in the eye (and eye of the heart) of the beholder..........
  • The woman I am looking for loves me for me. Is not ashamed or shy with me. She is faithful and honest as I do not wish to share her with anyone else (male or female). She enjoys laughing and having fun but knows when to be serious as well. Her looks and size always is second rate to me. I sense you are a little over weight and feel that model type women are getting all the men. I can tell you there are not so many women who are picture perfect and the ones that are may seem to get a lot of men, never can hang on to them. For it is the normal females that seem to be able to keep long lasting relationships. To sum it up if a woman or man spends more time in front of the mirror they have less to offer in a relationship.
  • the loyalty and heart are the important things. OVer time we all become somewhat chubby or gray haired or whatever, and the heart and mind is what will ultimately count.
  • I like the chubby ones. They are much more grateful.
  • Is the sex good, cause I would rather have great sex with a cheater then the later. Sorry that sounds pretty shallow. Ok the chubby girl can join in with the great sex too.
  • Who said chubby isn't sexy? Your priorities are way off.
  • Being Chubby does not stop a girl being sexy. A lot of men prefer girls that are on the bigger size.
  • I would much rather have the chubby girl. Fisrt of all beauty can be found in all shapes and sizez. Secondly in my own personal experiences larger girls seem to be more down to earth and put more of an emphasis on how a guy treats them and not what the guy looks like.
  • The lady who loves me with all her heart, that would be different.
  • it depends, does the sexy girl think im sexy? anyways, for some reason i just don't get attracted to chubby girls. I would choose to be single.
  • Heyyyy! how come we're associating chubby with "not pretty" all of a sudden?
  • I'll take door number two please. For you young folks, that is from "Let's Make A Deal"
  • My answer is really just a collection of what other's have already said... If someone treats you poorly and cheats on you, they are NOT sexy. If someone is chubby, it does NOT mean they aren't sexy. Whether or not someone 'gives me all their heart and is loyal to me' is not as important to me as whether or not 'I' actually love 'them'. If I hated someone but they loved me, the relationship wouldn't work. All this aside... To actually answer your question, I would rather the second person, since she is loving. The first person is disgusting.
  • Hey, a little junk in the trunk is good now and then.
  • I married the girl who is a little on the chubby side and she sure does give all her heart to me and is very loyal to me and our family
  • The next sexy woman I come across who is snotty is also gone (not after a little lovin' though)! If a girl's a little chubby it's not really a problem. She couldn't act subservient though... and she must LOVE sex.
  • tough call..... id see who is more willing to try and change for me ( will the hot one TRY to not be a slut, or at least be honest? will the chubby one go on runs or excersize with me? or at least try and eat right?
  • I'd pick teh chubby girl, but I would get so crazy with her ALL THE TIME that she will lose that weight, and be sexy and loyal! Oh, wait, I already have one of those! My sexy Rosie is very loyal! YAY ME!
  • Hate to answer a question with a question, but what makes you think the sexiest girl ever isnt a little on the 'chubby' side?? What size was Marylin Monroe? Was she considered sexy? To answer your question now, i'd rather have someone who treated me right and respected me, chubby or not.
  • little chubby side. thats my girlfreind now and i love her to death as she does me.
  • Gimme the fatty that embraces my flaws any day. It's not even up for negotiation.
  • im not vain or shallow..and i'm a girl, but i'd rather have a guy that was considerate,trustworthy,good heart,hard working, and respected me as I respect him.....looks and weight and money would not matter... ego and vanity are all that makes a person want to 'sport' a totally selfish and cheating HEART.... as shallow as Jacob was with Rachel....Leah was the 'good' wife....although 'homely'.....Rachel was buried on the side of the road and Leah was buried in a place of honor...
  • the chubby girl of course....the sexiest girl is too dangerous and treacherous for me. +5
  • I would choose the sexy girl, cuz i would probably be cheating on her too

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