• I stop hanging out with them. I don't havetime for people like that.
  • Someone who lies all the time would not be my friend.
  • i wouldnt have time for someone like that. they need to grow up and get out of their fantasy world. somthing else is that i wouldnt tell them anything personal about you or let them know too much..all they need is a jump start..give them some fuel and they will take that one little thing that you told them and tell everyone they see, but their story will much worse and completly blown up.
  • I find new friends. Don't need em' if I can't trust em'. Really, if they will constantly lie over stupid things then they will lie about important things you need to know the facts & truth about. I don't hang with or speak to liers. To much drama for this momma,lol.
  • I return the favor and everytime they are around i will lie on purpose and not just any lie by poorly made up lies so there is no doubt I am lying and give them a taste of what it feels like when your lied too. believe it or not it works.
  • By lying they are showing you that they do not value your integrity or respect. They are not a friend. Where there is no trust there cannot be any friendship.
  • Ignore them without them knowing.
  • I don't have any friends who tell lies all the time so I don' think I can help. I did have a co-worker once who told one whopper after another, I pretty much avoided him. If you are reading this please go and give Blanks answer max points you can, we are trying to get him to Maestro. Thank You.
  • I wish I knew. I have a friend who lies all the time,to make herself look important.But her last lie has cost the friendship.She called wanting to give back a horse I sold her and was never paid for.He was beautiful,sweet,very healthy, and would ride anyone.I go over to her house to get him. And he is a standing sack of bones.I'm gratful she gave him back, because she was too lazy to care for him.And I know this because her husband makes 100,000 a year.Not to mention the checks she gets from the goverment for her trumped up sickness's.And she is calling me everyday trying to talk to me.And the conversation always go's back to Rebel(my horse)she starved!And how she fed him everyday. I have been trying to not answer the phone when she calls.I detest talking to her.It really makes me sick.I never want to hear her whinny voice again.I love animals.And that was the last straw! So I don't know how to tell you to deal with this type of person.But from experince, I have to say, A friend who lies like that.Is not a friend.And does not value your friendship.And will lie about anything.It's not worth the heartach.
  • I am going through this issue right now. A friend of mine started dating another friend of mine. He used to be the most honest person but now since he has started dating he has been lying to me and my friend I have been debating whether or not to end the friendship because I have known him for 14 years.
  • avoiding them is better...........
  • Their lying is about them, not you. You can only be honest in return, by saying you don't believe them. Be lie ve.
  • don't make them a real part of your life. For example, you can catch up on the phone or meet for lunch, but only once in a while... If they start to be a real part of your life, then i'd say you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position to be hurt, taken advantage of, manipulated, etc.
  • Friends don't lie to each other. The person you refer to is not your friend.

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