• Slimey oyster things.. omg so gross !!
  • My husband went into a cafe for his lunch and ordered liver and onions and when he went to cut into the liver it was raw...yuck
  • The last time I ordered salmon from a restaurant it was raw. I didn't technically EAT it, but I think it still counts.
  • Mountain Oysters( Bull Testicles) Once in this lifetime is more than enough for me. Truly gross !!!!
  • I went to a new Mexican restaurant that my boss opened up. He recommended Pollo con mole`. It was AWFUL! It was chicken that was covered with this brown stuff that literally looked like...well you know. Never again, will I eat something he recommends for me to try! blech!
  • I look at it this way, if I was served disgusting food, I would taste it and spit it out. My life is more than half over and I don't need this kind of trauma to recover from. I would have to say the worst thing I ate was salmon that was cooked too long at Chili's. Needless to say, I don't go back there even though the parking lot is always packed. If I want to make salmon jerky, I can do that at home.
  • I've enjoyed well prepared snails and other strange things, but the worst thing I ever had was frozen food at Olive Garden. And it's happened twice at two different places so I'm thinking now, it's not just me and I gave them the chance but NO thanks...I'm not going back. Their preprepared food wasn't thawed out and wasn't cooked or reheated, whatever they do to it. I had a sampler plate of 3-4 different pasta dishes and all but one was frozen in the center. Frozen!
  • Raviolis. I love chef boyardee so I decided to order them from an eatery one time. They were so bad I had to send them back and order something else.
  • I live in Alberta, Canada. A few years ago a friend of mine invited me to a ranch style restaurant, where they served something called "Prairie Oysters". I like seafood, but was surprised when I was served a plateful of these 3-inch "ballish" shaped fries. My friend did not tell me what they were, so I assumed they were just oysters since I had eaten fried oysters in the past. After swallowing about two of them, my friend told me they were bull testicles, thrown in flaming hot oil until they "popped" open. I nearly gagged. "Ball Fries" as they are also known here, are eaten by a lot of ranching families, old and young alike. The testicles (balls) 'looked' like oysters, but they were meatier and stringier in consistency. Yuk!
  • I took a big bite of guacamole on a tortilla chip once at a Mexican cafe and the guacamole was mucho sour. It was horrid. I did not eat guacamole for months afterward.
  • Tuna sandwich with mayo at a restaurant. I thought they drowned the poor fish in mayo before they made the sandwich.
  • Fried Okra! Ewww!
  • I bit into a pear that was full of baby spiders one time -- some mother spider must have laid her eggs in there, and they hadn't hatched yet -- but boy -- were they ever alive.
  • A salad in Applebee's with a bug in it!
  • pig ear
  • A plateful of little baby octopus or octopi, whatever! gross!
  • SUSHI!!!!!!!! i almost threw up... never again
  • Duck tongue in Hong Kong.

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