• Considering it's the "new millennium" and all, if you're really feeling it's time, who don't you do it?
  • Maybe hes waiting for you to pop the question? Maybe he thinks you may turn him down so is afraid to propose,If i was you id ask him myself ,good luck let us know if you do :)
  • Have you two even discussed the subject of marriage? If not, it's time to do that. If you have, sit him down and tell him you want to get married and ask him if that's in his plans and when. Or propose yourself as others have said. If he does not want to get married, you need to determine if you can continue with the relationship as it is. In fact, you might want to think about "the way it is" before you bring up the subject, since he may ask "What's wrong with what we already have together?".
  • why do you want to be married aren't you happy with what you have
  • Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
  • You are 2 years past due. I think you've wasted 15 years but thats just me. I'd tell him engagement by December or you move on if marriage is that important to you.
  • anything is too long

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