• No. They're just racist.
  • I don't get offended when I'm being categorized by my race unless the person doing the categorizing is trying to be offensive....or stereotyping. I mean, it's annoying when people automatically assume I know how to braid hair because I'm black - I just CAN'T DO IT, okay?!!
  • I am italian and I hate being called white. I am italian, a Ginny, Dego, WOP. I always mark other on every application and write in Italian. Weird, not for me as Italy is where I was born and raised...;) +up
  • My best friend is black, and doesn't mind being called such. She doesn't like to be called African American because, as she says, she's never been to Africa. I don't mind being called white, even though I'm Native American, unless the person is trying to belittle me because of it (i.e., "What would a white girl know about that?"). But that's just me not liking idiocy; it has nothing to do with the white vs. Native American thing.
  • I'm white and I don't mind being called white. Or whitey, or cracker etc.
  • some people might, it depends on the person
  • It doesn't offend me. People who get offended for being called what they are should accept that we live in a colorful world with much diversity.

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